Then Sings My Soul – 6/21/08

It has been a l-o-n-g week around here with my kids being on vacation and my hubby working a lot…I am not complaining, but it left me with a ton of time to think. Which can be good, of course, but it can also allow you time to reflect.

This week for my pick for the “Then Sings My Soul Saturday’s” I had to go back a bit and pick one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE praise and worship songs. The kids used to sing this song in chapel when they were little and I would cry like a baby while I watched them praise their kind, gentle, and loving Heavenly Father.

I pray that this song blesses you this weekend and that you stop for a moment and really soak up the LOVE that He so freely gives each and every one of us…so, join me as I, “SHOUT TO THE LORD“.

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With my hands raised HIGH,


  1. This has always been one of my all-time favorite praise and worship songs. I’m so glad you shared it this week!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey Melanie,

    Yes, this would have to be one of the most annoited worship songs every sung.

    I can’t hear this without wanting to fall to my knees in worship…

    Thanks for sharing this today♥

  3. this song is one that used to touch me so much. i sooooo wanted to have a child and it didn’t seem to be in the plan and yet my heart yearned for a child. everytime i’d sing this song, especially the line, “Nothing compares to the promise I have in YOU!” I’d hear the Lord, “Am I enough for you sheila? Does having a child compare to the promise of eternal life you have in me?” It always brought me to my end, to total surrender, to whatever God wanted for me. Whether He’d give me children or not I laid my heart’s desire down in exchange for the promise of life in Him.

    He’s since given me two beautiful boys, but I still remember and know for sure that NOTHING compares to the promise I have in Him.

    Thanks for bringing me back to that precious memory!

  4. Yes Mel may Our Jesus…OUR COMFORT
    bring us all that we ar & never cease to WORSHIP Him…as we shout
    TO THE LORD !!! aMazing, powerful and stirs up all my fire to sing & praise Our Majesty & King Lord Jesus…did you say “old”…no, you said ALL TIME FAVORITES and indeed it is & GREAT video! I love all the beauty of His Creation pouring forth as I sing worship!

    Be blessed as you have blessed me!

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