Then Sings My Soul – 7/12/08

This is my favorite part of the week again (besides Sunday’s…come back tomorrow for ‘Speak to My Soul Sunday) and I have to tell you something…when I pick a song for the week I try to pick a song that has been resonating in my heart for that week. Whether it’s elation, sadness, a heavy heart, joy, whatever…it comes out in the song that I pick, and this week isn’t any different.

My heart has been bursting this week as I battle with the fear that what I do isn’t enough (not for God of course, but for what I believe God has called me to do). Can anyone relate to that?

Any who, the evil one has been working on me BIG time this week (I have a whole post I am going to write about on it for Transparent Tuesday) but these last two or three days I have been claiming God’s victory and trying to climb out of it. I AM victorious in Him and Him alone and I thank each and every one of you for being who you are in Him.

My song choice for this week’s “Then Sings My Soul Saturday’s” is:
“LEGACY” by Nicole Nordeman. (LOVE HER!!!)

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Signs, Miracles, and Wonders…make sure to tell her Melissa said HI!

Trying to Leave a Legacy Each and Every Day,

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  1. Hey Mel,

    Yes, this is truly one great song, and disire of my heart.

    I want this more then ever, well pleasing God is first and I guess the rest will follow, the legacy…

    Blessings to you this weekend♥

  2. Girl, I know the struggle and am praying for you! Dont’ listen to satan, he does not speak truth! I love that song too! Is what people remember about us going to be for our walk with the Lord?! I pray it is! Have a great weekend, and only 7 more days til CA!

  3. He Mel… I have been all over your blog while listening to your great song choice by Nicole…stop struggling to strive, you do have a legacy, you are doing “mucho” and it is enough! I cast out that fear and insecurity in Jesus’Name.
    You are Victorious and the enemy this week is defeated BIG time, too in the power of Jesus’Name and the Holy Spirit-you, Melissa, will rise up and not only claim this victory but are leaving great treasures of a Legacy! I looked..I saw…you have been equipped by God and you are answering that call! Stop trying to over do or achieve and take this one step at a time enjoying just what you are doing and BEING as His Chosen One!

    Read some GREAT stuff..planning to be back tomorrow! May God grant you
    His contentment and peace in who you are and bless what you do!

    Thanks for your visit and MOVING FORWARD…I hear it often on cyberchurch from Houston with
    Lakewood Community Church. There worship team really is aMazing! But I think the song comes from Ricardo Sanchez from Georgia! I knew the song, just not who sang it originally!!! Be blessed as you bless! Enjoy your weekend & TSMSS!
    [it’s my favorite part of the week2]

  4. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog. This blog is absolutely amazing! Did you design it? I am new to blogland, and I must say yours is one of the most increadible blogs I’ve seen. Thanks for your interest in Romania. Missions is where my heart is so there will be more into comming soon to my blog if you are interested. Thanks again for stopping by! May God bless you as you walk with Him

    In Christ,


  5. Oh I absolutely love this song and Nicole. Thank you for sharing your worshipful heart with us today.
    -Blessings, Laurie

  6. Girl… you know fear is not from Him. You do have the victory and you are leaving a legacy. You are more than enough in Him. I’m sorry you are struggling this week. I love the song you shared. Nicole is one of my favorites. Let’s talk soon about CLASS.

  7. Mel,

    This is a great song! Sorry you’ve had a rough week, but no happy you are claiming God’s victory!


  8. I love Nicole. Not only is she beautiful outside, but inside too. I really enjoyed this video.

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