Give Away Update!!!

Yesterday at the end of the “Speak to My Soul” post I mentioned that there would be an additional prize added to the Mel’s World Summer Give Away for July 2008…and well, let me just take a minute to tell you about what is already a part of the give away before I tell you about what has been added.

The July prize package is a Philippians 4:7 (“And the peace of God will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”) note pad and pen set with a $5 Starbuck’s card (for your coffee pleasure).

WELL…I have an extra bonus for the Give Away and it is a…

Three/Two Night Vacation from Worldwide Travel Center.

(you can click on the link to go to their web site)

Ok, here’s the deal…I have not actually used one of these vacation packages personally, but I do know lots of people that use them all the time and have not had any problems with it. It is a “professionaly courtesy” they give to travel professionals and I have a few of these packages left in my private “stash” of goodies.

Here’s how it works…(and you know me, I will be 100% straight up and honest with the information I have)…there is a $50 refundable reservation guarantee (yep, it’s refundable after you take the vacation, think of it as a deposit) . You will probably (but not certainly) be asked to sit in on a timeshare meeting at some point, and all you have to do is say “No Thank You“.

The vacation is not contingant upon you attending the meeting (really, it isn’t). And…if you check back here for the Mel’s World Travel Tips & Ideas this week my topic is actually about “sitting in on the timeshare meetings” and how to maximize the benefits allowable to you and your family (scary, but true).

Here is the link for all the vacation resort areas available.

Here is a link for all the FAQ’s on using the vacation certificates.

Ok, that’s about as straight up as I can get, you have access to all the facts and it’s up to you…if you want to put your name in the hat for this FANTASTIC July Prize Package (drawing will be held Friday, July 18th at 5pm) all you have to do is this…click on this link to go back to the original post (for the Mel’s World Summer Give Aways) and make a comment.

Of course, if you have already commented and added a few buttons to your blog you are already entered for this prize package as well (except for JUST MOM…sorry girl, but you already won a prize package).

Happy July,


  1. OK…how sad is this? I just thought to myself… I don’t have time for a vacation, but I sure would love that note pad. Phil 4:6-7 are my life verses and who doesn’t love Starbucks? I don’t even drink coffee and I love it. I go for the hot chocolate. Oh well. I don’t want to take the vacation prize package chance from anyone, so don’t count me in, but we have to plan a trip to Starbucks together, especially if we end up at CLASS 🙂

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