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Ok, here’s the dealio…I try really hard to stay focused (not always successful with that one) here in Mel’s World. My life verse is Acts 20:24 and basically I know that God has called me to share the Good News of Him in everything I do.

I usually do not mix the various parts of my life together on this blog, but for you to know the real Mel you need to know that I am just as passionate about other things as I am about this, my bloggy home. I just absolutely HAVE to share this with youif you are even remotely interested please email me (click here) so we can set up a time to talk. This is 100% real and I am 100% having a blast with this and making some money while I am at it. So, here goes…

What if I told you I that I have found a business that allows me to shop at my favorite stores online AND get cash back on each and every one of my purchases? I am not talking about some obscure retail stores, I am talking about stores like, Macy’s, Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, Office Depot, Babies R Us, Sports Authority, Best Buy, and over 500 other stores that you already know, love, and shop at.

Think of it like as a Discover card (on steroids) or even the Upromise program whereas you get cash back from over 500+ stores…the cash back is anywhere from 1-30%, now that is impressive. This is a GREEN company so any time you make a “Green” purchase you will be not only saving the planet but you will also be getting a lot more cash back on your purchases (15-30%).

My Site is MyShopToEarnBiz.Com, check it out!

How would you like to get paid to refer people to shop?

If you tell your friends and family about this business, they see how excited you are about it, and they end up getting involved too, then you just earned yourself some extra cash to add to your monthly income. And in this economy everyone could use a little extra money in the bank every month, right?

This is also being used as a great fundraising tool for schools, PTA programs, temples, churches, you name it…think about it, everyone you know could potentially benefit from shopping online.

So come on, Save Time, Save Money, Save Gas, and Save the Earth

This truly is the BEST way to Shop and Earn on the Internet!

Check out my site at —> MyShopToEarnBiz.Com

Off to the stores,


  1. I have seen that before. We usually do all of our online shopping (which isnt’ much) through Upromise. Thanks for sharing Mel!

  2. You amaze me . You always have something up your sleeve. I think this is wonderful. I am going to go check it out.

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