In case you aren’t on the bandwagon, Twitter is a micro-blogging/instant messaging communication tool that asks you to answer the question, “What are you doing?” and allows you to follow as many people’s answers/updates as you want.

It’s so much fun, incredibly addicting, and more often than not it can be quite distracting. I completely LOVE it and it is right up my alley and I thought it might be something you might like too! Actually I owe a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to
Blissfully Domestic for putting this list (and most of this post) together…There are lots of smart folks out there that have created cool applications to make better use of Twitter.

Here are a few of the best:
Twubble: Searches your friends and suggests people you might like to follow.
Tweetscan: Search Twitter for anything.
Twhirl: My favorite desktop Twitter app. Pop-up update notification is an excellent distraction!
Twittervision: A world map that moves to show the geographical location of the latest “tweet” (twitter updates are called “tweets”). Fascinating time-waster.
Twitter Fan Wiki: Everything you’d ever need to know.
Twitterholics: A blog covering all things Twitter.

Are you on Twitter? How often are you on there? If you haven’t signed up yet go there NOW (Twitter) and sign up, then look for me there and click to follow me.

Twitter On My Friends,


  1. I’d heard the ‘word’. But had not idea what a Twitter was. Thanks for the info!!! I feel much more informed. 🙂

  2. I’ve heard it’s fun, but I’m afraid to get started. lol I can barely keep up with my blogging.

    Stop by when you get a chance. I have an award for you.


  3. I had it and deleted my account – just because I have no extra time to maintain it. I can barely BLOG let alone twit. OY.

  4. As you, know, I’m on twitter but I rare tweet (twit??) You’re the twitter queen, my friend.

  5. I’m on twitter under kjmt42. I haven’t used it much, but I have a desktop widget if you want to add me on. And, I will add my mobile phone to the equation.

    My church has really taken off with Facbook. Even my pastor is involved. So funny.


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