Do You Think I’m Beautiful – Intro

Welcome to the Online Book/Bible Study for the Book
Do You Think I’m Beautifulby Angela Thomas.

I am so glad that you will be joining us on this beautiful adventure as we all seek to soak up the truth that “The God of Heaven Calls You Beautiful” (The king is enthralled by your beauty.” ~Pslam 45:11).

We will be doing this study in two parts. I am actually leading a group LIVE! on Tuesday mornings in the Ft. Lauderdale area (email me if you are interested in joining us) and I will also be leading an online group discussion HERE on Thursday’s. This way you can either join us in person or you can join us online…either way we are thrilled you are with us.

We are “officially” starting the group TODAY and with that we are just laying the foundation of what to expect with this group, with the book study, and how it will all work. SO, if you haven’t purchased your book yet you still have time.

If you would like to purchase your book online you can
CLICK HERE to order directly from Barnes & Noble online.

Each and every day you will be doing some light reading of the study book and will also be prompted to answer a few questions relating to that day’s reading. It is SO important for you to be open and honest with yourselves as you answer these questions. Remember…it’s your book, it’s your journey, and you can share what you want with us or not, it’s completely up to YOU!

Every week on Thursday we will meet back here to share some of the insights we discussed in our LIVE! group on Tuesday mornings (we had some GREAT discussions on Tuesday of this week) and also tackle some of the questions from your daily work. This is where YOU come in, jump in with your comments, thoughts, ideas, insights, and highlighter moments from the book. It’s AWESOME to see what strikes each of us and how you were able to learn from it.

That’s it…just be willing to open your heart to hear what God is trying to tell you as we go on this journey…you are not alone, we are all seeking the answer to the same question, “Do You Think I’m Beautiful?”

Enjoy the Journey,


  1. Hi there!

    I’m definitely IN! Just got confirmation on my shipping request for the book, too, so it’s on the way. We’ll hope it gets here before next week!

    I go by Sweet Mummy here in the online world, and I’m a Pastor’s Wife, mom of 3 kiddos, an American living in Canada, and my passion is for people to become more and more of who the Lord has created them to be. I’m looking forward to this study.

  2. I am so excited to be a part of this bible study. I will go and get the book tomorrow. ( I did forget) I am intrested in the live version too, that sounds like fun..But we wont be in the area for another 2 years, (Military transfer)
    We had a doctor confirm today..we are due about May 17, 2009..I am very excited or this blessing…

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