Then Sings My Soul – 10/4/08 – I’m Not Who I Was

Here is one of my FAVORITE days of the week! Saturday’s are something special, aren’t they? Our kids are home, our families are around, we have time to breathe again from the frantic pace of life, and we also get to celebrate with each other every week for Then Sings My Soul Saturday’s“.

I have to tell you that this week’s meme means so much more to me for a couple of reasons;

1) Amy (the host of this wonderful meme) and I were room mates this week at a Christian Leaders Authors and Speakers (CLASS) training and talk about an amazing woman of God. What a blessing that was to not only chat with, but room with, study with, dream with, and worship God together.


2) After going through the experience of this week, the training, the worship, the stripping off of layers of “stuff” that has held me back for years, I finally truly believe that there has been some major revelations in my life this week and because of that my song choice is…

“I’m Not Who I Was” by Brandon Heath

It is my prayer that you would sit back, relax, and enjoy the words and message of this song and remember that we are free in Him!

For more Then Sings My Soul Saturday’s posts head on over to Amy’s at Signs, Miracle, and Wonders. When you do make sure you say HI from me! Thanks!

Forever Changed,


  1. One day two weeks ago, I said this to myself: I’m not, who I was.” Then I began to mentally sing the song. I turned on the radio and it was the second song to come on! I love when that happens!

    Praying for you!

  2. Mel,
    Thank you for introducing me to Brandon Heath..truly a heart that draws me…for it gives credibility to his words…so glad you all had such a wonderful time..and now I know what CLASS means! Blessings…

  3. Brandon Heath was my choice last week. Another incredibly talented man! Thank you for sharing – hearing his story in his own words was awesome. Blessing!

  4. I love this song, and I too am not who I was. Before Christ I lived a different life, one I am glad I nailed to the cross. I now rejoice in my new birth through the blood of Christ, my new life, the new me! Praise the Lord for His goodness and redeeming me! Thanks for sharing this song and reminding me of all I let go and all I gained 🙂

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