1. Send some of that chill to Phoenix! It’s still 90 degrees during the day. I’m ready for some fall weather. Love the picture!

  2. Debbie – I LOVE FALL and we just don’t get that much here in Sunny South Florida.

    One Mom – He is a VERY sweet boy…how chilly, it was mid 60’s. (Stop laughing…we were REALLY cold!).


  3. Man, I don’t even want to know what “chilly” means in Florida-speak!! I’m sure Butterscotch didn’t mind the cuddle, though!

  4. Ha…Tammi, I KNEW you would get a kick out of that! Cold is certainly “relative”, isn’t it?

  5. You can always tell it’s cold when the kitties need extra snuggling. I walked in on Hubby with the Siamese snuggled up to him this morning.

    And it’s cold here in SC too. Brrrr!

  6. Thanks Susie!

    Jennifer…yep it is, but I am SO loving it, aren’t you?

    Heather…aww, now that’s picture worthy, the hubby snuggling with kitty cats. {hee}

  7. Awww that is so sweet. But what is COLD? wink* You need to get on a plane and get here by Nov 13. I am having my first Praise and Coffee Night. Sue and some bloggers are going to be there.

  8. Bridget, thanks! I think I’ll keep ’em both!

    Monkey, cold is very relative, I know, I know it truly IS cold where you are.

    Kari/Kijsa, thanks! We are at the “I’m too old to dress up age” now…bummer!

    Happy Halloween to you all!

  9. Susan, that is our neighborhood “outside” cat Butterscotch…he just LOVES to snuggle and be held (for hours!!!). He’s got awesome blue eyes too…snuggly!

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