Halloween Fun

Hey y’all! I hope you have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN and were able to get out, meet some neighbors, enjoy your family, and also have a great night!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me to see what happened with the kids pumpkins, so I thought I would show you what Halloween night looked like at our house.
Here’s a view of the front porch where we sat outside and hung out for the night.

Uh, yeah, it’s gross, but also pretty cool…gotta love 14 year old boys!

Yep, this made a big mess, but it was pretty funny!

Here’s my youngest, Bailey, with his pumpkin and our little pumkpin friend!

And now he is a pumpkin boy too!

Nick, my oldest, thought it would be funny to scare some unsuspecting trick or treaters…check out what he did below…

He sat there all limp and acted like a “scarecrow” sitting in the front yard.

Then when people grabbed the candy he lifted his head and scared them…it was too funny (no, he didn’t scare little kids, we warned him on that one!)

Here is waiting for his next victim, I mean, friend…

We had a lot of fun, I hope you and your family did too!

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  1. Those are great…and yes, I can totally see the testosterone here…The same thing lives at my house. Glad you all had fun. We had a great time doing our outreach for the church. I almost can’t wait until next year.

    🙂 Susan

  2. It’s so great to see that in the midst of what could be a “dark” holiday that so many Christians went out and made it an opportunity to get to know their neighbors and used it to glorify Him!

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