Wordless Wednesday – Bailey’s Toast

When you are sitting at the breakfast table with your son and he does this (see above) it makes you a little nervous,right?
…until you see that he is just hiding the fact that he eats the crust off his toast first (going around in a circle) and leaves the center piece until he finishes the other crust so that he can have the middle piece last.

Uh, can you say strange like his mama!!!!
(I would have said dad, but in all reality that sounds like something I would do!)

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Have a Wonderful Wednesday,

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  1. Monkey, seriously…don’t encourage him!

    Jamie, he’d be in BIG trouble if he was hiding my Eggo! (Especially if it was the chocolate chip ones!)

    One Mom, seriously? You eat your sandwiches like that…I can see how the center is the best, but really? Ha!

  2. Good for you Bailey! You are eating the crust that is more than I can say for my kids when they think they aren’t being watched. LOL!

  3. Jen, that’s true, not sure he woud have done the “crust” thing if I hadn’t been there, he’s not a big fan of the crust.

    KC, it’s almost like the whole pizza thing, isn’t it?

    Bonnie, OMG…how are you? I haven’t seen you in for-ev-er!!!

    Mari, you are making me laugh…just encourage him to keep it up, you are too funny! ;D

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