The Madagascar Mission

As a mom there are few things that make me more proud than when my kids think of others more than they think of themselves.

A couple of years ago after that major Tsunami hit my kids (both of them) started a fund called “Cents for Tsunami” in which they collected from friends, neighbors, their school, and many others. They collected over $800 and donated it to the International Mission Board so that the money could be used in the relief fund.

That was a VERY BIG day for our family, and now, today, my youngest still has a heart for missions. Take a minute to read the letter they (my son and his friend) are handing out to people to get them interested in “The Madagascar Mission“.


The Madagascar Mission
“Two Kids CAN Make a Difference!”
One day during World Geography class the students were talking about the kids and people of Madagascar. During the duration of the class two 7th grade students were touched so deeply that they, Bailey & Gaven, decided that they wanted to do something about it.

Bailey & Gaven decided to raise money to send to the kids who really need it, like those kids in Madagascar. You see, the kids over there don’t have toothpaste, toothbrushes, schools, pens, pencils, etc. There are so many things that we take for granted, and over in Madagascar the average person only makes $350/per year.

Bailey & Gaven started this fundraiser, The Madagascar Mission, to help feed & save kids lives because two kids CAN make a difference.

We’d love for you to help us as we reach towards our goal of $350 to help cover the costs of food, clothing, toothbrushes, and also to help build some schools. Any and all donations will be accepted and put towards our goal.

Thank you so much for your help!
Bailey & Gaven
The Madagascar Mission
“Two Kids CAN Make a Difference!”

One Proud Mom,

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  1. Hi Mel, I just wanted to say Hi and Happy Thanksgiving! Love all of your scriptures and word up on Twitter too. 🙂 I wanted to write back but wanted to make sure you see my message. 🙂 God BLess!

  2. What a tender and compassionate heart that shines in a world of selfishness!

    What a wonderful job in parenting also!


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