Wordless Wednesday – Tubing

In the span of just FOUR days my kids went TUBING in two completely different environments.

On Monday 12/29/08 they were snow tubing in Indiana and by Friday 1/2/09 they were tubing in the Atlantic Ocean in South Florida.

Ahh…it’s so fun to be a KID!!!

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Enjoy the Journey,

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  1. Hey There Just Mom…ha! I just figured out what your HOLY SMOKES was on Twitter…too funny!

    Janet…seriously, they had a BLAST at both locations!

  2. That’s awesome!!! And kind of funny, really.

    So glad that you’re allowing your children to experience some of the ‘white stuff’. Every child needs to play in the snow.

  3. How totally fun! I think I would rather go tubing in Florida! Like snowy winters but love warm weather.

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