I Second That Emotion – Session #1 & #2

Happy Friday Everyone!!!
I hope you are digging into the book and doing the study along with it. I tell the LIVE! group all the time that this study can be “as light and fluffy or as deep as you want it to be” by the amount of time you spend in it. The DVD, the study guide, and the book are a great way for us to start to untangle the mess of our zany emotions.
We’ll be meeting online for a Skype “chat” at 1pm (EST) if you’d like to join us. (You can click on the word SKYPE to sign up for your FREE account). This way you can comment here in Mel’s World and also join in with us in a Small Group type setting. We’d be honored for you to join us…just email me with your Skype handle so we can add you to the group.
Here are the study notes that we’ll be talking about this week;

Book Study Memory Verse
Romans 12:2 (NIV) ~ Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Introduction: Contain Yourself

Review these two passages;
Page xiii – When we combine life’s circumstances with our emotions…
Page xiv – Yes, life exposes our weaknesses, but the good news is, we all have them…
Session #1 Pierced Years

Read Psalm 91-1:16

Page 2 – Insecurity is in everyone’s DNA ever since the apple scandal in Genesis that resulted in the garden’s gates swinging closed tight. There went paradise…for now.

· Speaking of paradise lost, where is your “garden” today?
(Where’s the room, place, or corner of your universe where you feel safe & secure?)

– __________________________________________________

· If you don’t have a physical place, then let’s come up with a visual place for you to “escape” to now. What does it look like?

– __________________________________________________

Spending time in the “GARDEN” helps to give you time to unwind, seek Him, and untangle some of the knots in your emotions.

G –Grow
A – Ask
R – Read
D –Discover
E – Engage
N – Nothing (be still), kNeel, iNtimate

The dictionary defines insecurity three ways:
1) subject to fears and doubts;
2) not safe;
3) not firmly placed or fastened.

We are far more resilient than we realize. ~ In the midst of winter, I have finally learned there was in me an invincible summer. ~ Albert Camus

Page 8 – Find your Summer Place. Talk to Jesus. He is the only invincible one who can rescue us from ourselves and heal us of our insecurities.

Your SUMMER place will help you;
S – Stand
U – Under the
M – Maker’s
M – Majesty
E – Enjoying
R – Rest in Him.

· What’s something you can do THIS WEEK to spend time in the GARDEN (practical) and seek out the SUMMER (attitude)?

o GARDEN (practical)____________________________________________
o SUMMER (attitude)____________________________________________
Session #2 Nervous Nellie
Page 11 – My friend Marilyn Meberg has reminded me that “emotions do’t have brains,” so it’s important that we not let them do our thinking.

Read 2 Timothy 1:3-12

“Fear grows in the dark; if you think there’s a bogeyman around, turn on the light.” ~ Dorothy Thompson

In this verse (2 Timothy 1:6-7), we see FOUR principles that can help us overcome our fears;

1) Turn on the light of God’s Word.
a. How much time do you spend in Bible Study each week? ___________________

Practical Points…
o Do you own a Bible? What are you reading in your Bible? How much time are you spending in the Word? Do you have a regular Quiet Time?
o There’s NO condemnation, just growth…

2) Turn on the light of Faith.
a. When was the last time you stepped out on faith? ______________________

Practical Points…
o What “fear” is making you a Nervous Nellie?

3) Turn on the light of Your Mind.
a. What is something that God is showing you right now? __________________

Practical Points…
o Do you need to read a book, study the Word, or spend time being still? What is it that thing that you keep saying to yourself in your head that keeps holding you back?

4) Turn on the light of Friendship.
a. Who are those people to whom you turn for support? __________________

Practical Points…
o What do you need to do to “be there” for your friends? Do you need to make new friends? What/Where can you go to meet like minded Christian sisters? Reach out!

So, there you have it! NEXT week we will NOT be doing the online group study, but we will have an opportunity at 1pm (EST) on 2/26/09 to have a Praise & Coffee Chat on Skype.

Brew your favorite cup of coffee, bring your prayer requests and praises, and let’s enjoy hanging out with some really amazing women!

We’ll re-join the study on March 5th for Sessions #3 & #4!

I’ll see y’all at 1pm (EST) today for our Skype chat on Sessions #1 & #2!

Seeking JOY on the JOURNEY,

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  1. Mel,
    Thanks for doing this, it is fun reading the book and even more fun meeting others here. I am looking forward to our skype meeting!

    Spending quite time alone with my Father is very important to me. I also have some type of teaching going into my ears throughout the day as well. Then we start talking about stepping out in faith -whew I love to talk about that! Daily we all step out in faith as we trust our Father to supply our needs, as far as a huge step; that was when I authored my first book, I did not think anyone wanted to hear what I had to write, but I am finding that God will use anyone He chooses; even someone as ordinary as me!

    Be blessed ladies!

  2. Session 1 Responce-
    my safe place is my bedroom which I am at tranqulity and its my safehaven

    I will Read his word and pray (Garden practical)

    I will seek his guidance in my life this week (attitude summer)

    great verses you used the statements made me think

  3. Session 2 Comments-

    1)not nearly enough time, yes i have a bible currently I am just looking up random verses from the group study I am doing, I need to develop a quiet time again.

    2)the last time I stepped out in faith was when I joined a tuesday coffee meeting of local moms and hoped to be accepted even though i’m not a mom or wife

    3)God is helping me improve my life and learning to expand my horizons and to be tolerant and not self consious of myself

    4)I turn to my mom and my close friends for support and to God

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