Then Sings My Soul ~ Glorious/Our God Reigns ~ Chris Tomlin

Happy Saturday morning! I pray that you have had a fantastic week this week and that in the midst of whatever trials and storms are blowing in and around your life that you take a minute to praise and worship the One who can calm ANY storm!

This week I picked one of my ALL time favorite artists, Chris Tomlin, and thought it might be nice to share two really amazing songs in one sitting…this week’s pick is “Glorious/Our God Reigns“…I pray that no matter what’s going on that you find peace in the GLORIOUS ONE!

For more Then Sings My Soul Saturday songs head over to visit with my friend Amy Wyatt at Signs, Miracles, and Wonders! May your day be filled with Praise & Worship to HIM!

Seeking JOY on the JOURNEY,

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  1. ugh! I would so love to go to one of his concerts. It must be just, well, glorious to worship with him!

    Thanks for posting these this week!

  2. I recently discovered your blog and have really enjoyed it and been inspired by you. I was adding your blog to my blog lists on my blog this morning as I had just posted a new piece and was in the process of updating. I realized I hadn’t read your most recent post from yesterday so I stopped to do so.

    I am in the middle of a storm I did not see coming. This weekend the attack has been so heavy I thought I wasn’t going to be able to bear it much longer. I felt God telling me (in the middle of the night last night) to turn the other cheek, but I was defiant and stubborn and refusing to do so. More attack came this morning (imagine that). I messaged a very trusted friend for prayer and advice, knowing she would be honest with me. She messaged me back to STAY IN PEACE. Then she called me a bit later just as I had opened your blog. She knows the trial and she knows all the surrounding circumstances and she was telling me I had to stay in peace, I could not let this trial suck me back into some old ways that were screaming to come back after me. Then she told me I needed to turn the other cheek – THAT was very clearly confirmation from God! We hung up, and I turned to my computer screen to get my mind of it and I read your Saturday post. Absolutely unbelievable. God is so good!!!

    Thank you for being faithful to listen to Him as He instructs your blog writings!!!

    Our God reigns!! I will stay in peace as I know Jesus will calm this storm!

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