Wordless Wednesday ~ Monthly Menu Plan

At this point you are probably wondering if you read the title of the post correctly, right? Yep, it’s true…for the FIRST TIME evah (please know this may be a fluke, but I’m gonna try it out) I made a MONTHLY MENU PLAN.
I figured it was taking me a couple hours every week to plan the meals, balance them, clip my coupons (oh yeah we do that too), go to the grocery, and unload that if I planned it all in ONE setting it may save me some time (and hopefully money) in the long run.

Come back tomorrow as I start to share a little bit about it…1) why I did it, 2) menu ideas, 3) coupons, 4) time involved, and a little more.

For more Wordless Wednesday posts (ok, so technically this wasn’t “wordless”) go on over to 5 Minutes for Mom!

PS…I SO don’t claim to be an expert at all on this, just a mom who is trying to be creative in saving a little money for the family…I hope this helps you too! ;D

Seeking JOY on the Journey

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  1. Hey There Sarah,

    Thanks! We’ll see, it has ALREADY been a major lifesave when we get home and we don’t feel like making that decision. We can look at the list and just plug forward.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  2. East Coast Wahine…will do, I am tracking the use of the meals as well to see if we are sticking to it. I’ll let you know what we discover. Thanks for stopping by, Melissa

  3. Seriously Beth, our biggest arguements almost always center around, “What do you want for dinner?” “I don’t know, what do you want for dinner?”…ack! I finally cut out the middle man. Ha!

  4. What are you melancholy? !! That overwhelms my sanguine mind. A week’s worth is about all I can handle. There will be days it’s time to start dinner and my hubby will ask what I have planned. I have to tell him, “I don’t know. I havent thought that far ahead.” Thank God for defrost mode on the microwave. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Definitely NOT wordless but I do love the picture of your car full of groceries ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Impressive and smart! Hmmmm. I’ll come back tomorrow and learn more. Everyone should really do it this way!

  7. I know people that do this quite successfully. I can’t see myself ever doing it since I hate to cook and hubby does most of it. I am wishing you well however and will enjoy reading about your success.



  8. I Love This. It is one of my biggest battles during the week. I am happy when I have a week planned out. Maybe I can get some recipes from you. That’s the other part. Finding new meals that everyone likes.
    Mel S.

  9. GET OUT!!!! My jaw dropped to the keyboard when I read FOR THE MONTH. I had to re-read it several times. I thought NO WAY!!!! I am totally IMPRESSED!

  10. From someone who barely has more than 4 bags MAX – color me impressed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. This is one area I fail miserably in. Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you and maybe I will get on board.

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