Big Time Book Giveaway

Holy Moly Batman…guess I what I “stumbled” upon today while I was browsing around the bloggy world???

A 5 Minutes for Books BIG TIME Giveaway! WooHoo! Anyone who knows me knows that I am completely addicted to the written word and have a real passion for books, so when I found this I started doing the happy dance (no not really…that would be too scary…ha!).

Here’s a little bit about the Give Away directly from the 5 Minutes for Books web page;

I’m so excited to announce our first (hopefully with more to come) giveaway event. We are going to feature some special books that are just for you (mother or not, as long as you’re a book lover). We will have one giveaway a day between April 15 – 25. In all we will give away 17 books worth over $225. We’ll have novels, memoirs, other non-fiction, and books to encourage a mother’s heart.

So it’s my hope that you will find some great books here that you’ll want to win. Each book will have at least one winner (and each separate contest will be listed here as it publishes for your ease in clicking through to enter), and one person will win the grand prize of every single book we feature in this giveaway.

So, there you have it…click on the button on the top or click HERE to go directly to the website for yourself…get on over there, this is a Big Time Book Giveaway!

Seeking JOY on the Journey,

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