The Body Working Together

It has been a little nuts around here as we inch closer and closer to our Summer Camp (VBS) at church. I am not even sure if I have mentioned that I am working in Kids Ministry at our church part time or that there are other church”y” things going on in Mel’s World, but believe me, they are.

I wanted to jump online real quick to tell you something truly remarkable…

I have NEVER done a summer camp/VBS before, so I have been more than a little behind in the planning, preparation, and even the implementation of the week of fun…BUT, and, yes, that is a GREAT BIG BUT, God has stepped in BIG TIME and really done something incredible.

I have four local churches that are doing the same VBS curriculum that we are doing that have offered or given us their set & props for the camp. They’ve given me copies of their forms, flyer’s, contact for supplies & t-shirts, and their prayers. That is pretty stinkin’ awesome in and of itself, but the kicker came through yesterday when another local church stepped up and offered their student worship band to us for the week so that our kids would have a live worship experience instead of the DVD that we were going to use.

Can you say AMEN?

Is that incredible or what???

I’ve been in church ministry at many different levels for almost 10 years in South Florida and I have never seen anything like this in my life. I am truly humbled and in awe at how GREAT our God is and how He has worked out all these details for His glory!

I love when the body of Christ works together for His good and His glory! Just wanted to pass along this awesome praise report!!! Go God!

By the way…camp is NEXT week…please continue to pray for me, the team, the volunteers, the kids who are coming, and the families that will be impacted! Thanks…you guys ROCK!

Seeking JOY on the Journey,

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