Wordless Wednesday ~ Back to School

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This past Monday was the kids FIRST day back to school, and although my babies aren’t “little” anymore, they are still my babies and as tradition stands we take a picture by the front door EVERY year on the first day of school!

They would rather that I skip this tradition, but seeing that I only have TWO more first days of school left with my oldest son, my mommy heart won’t let me stop.

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Seeking JOY on the Journey,

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  1. sniff sniff, why do they have to grow so fast.. What handsome young men you have there Mel.
    my oldest new she HAD to do at least the yard picture for me before going to school on the 1st day, next to the tree just like we have done every year since she started Kindergarten. but she did ask me to skip the pictures of her getting to school and walking into the building LOL.. guess it's time she is in 8th grade and I had to sneek the 7th grade pictures of that when she wasn't looking last year.

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