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I get a lot of “young” moms that ask me about what I put in my kids lunch box every day. I used to chuckle when they would ask me that but then I realized that I probably asked someone too. So, I thought I would share a little bit about what I do in hopes that it gets some ideas flowing for you too.

Listen, I’ve been packing lunch boxes since my kids were three years old and have almost always “struggled” with new ideas for them, but one thing has always been the same…the love and prayers that go over their lunch each and every morning.

I spend the time that I am making their lunchboxes praying over my boys (who are teenagers now). I pray very specifically that these lunches would give them a send of home while they are at school. That the lunch would bring them some peace and comfort in the midst of their busy school day. I also pray that when they eat their lunch they know how very much they are loved.

It sounds simple enough, but the reality is that their bodies need the nourishment of the food I pack for them, but their souls need the prayers of their parents to build them up while they are away from home.

So the first thing I do when packing their lunch is to pray. Then there are a few basic things that I pack every day, and if you look at the picture above, that is actually my 15 year old son’s lunch for today. There is always a sandwich (I mix up the bread between buns, bread, wraps, raisin bread, etc), a snack size chip, a water bottle, a fruit, and a little “goody” for them.

When they were little I would leave notes in their lunch box. There’s a great book called “Love Notes in Lunchboxes” that I used to read to get ideas. Before they were old enough to even read I would draw pictures of their favorite items…you get the idea. Whatever it is/was, it let them know just how special they were (are) to me.

It takes a little more time each day, but I know that it is also one of my favorite parts of the morning. The food may change, but the prayers, love notes, and little “goodies” never do because they come from the heart of a mom.

I’d love to hear what you do for your families lunch boxes. What a great way for us to learn and grow from each other. Take a minute to share with us what you do for your child’s lunch box.

Seeking JOY on the Journey,

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  1. My daughter is a single mom and in school full-time so lunch duty often falls to me. It’s a challenge because Gracee (2nd grade) is very fussy with a narrow range of food likes.

    Although she qualifies for free lunch, there are many days she chooses to carry her lunch–in part because she doesn’t like what’s being served, and in part because she doesn’t have to wait in line for food and thus miss valuable play time.

    So whatever I make needs to be quick and creative. It looks a lot like yours–but sandwiches can only be limited to one kind of bread, maybe turkey–or even just bread with a little butter and some string cheese. She also likes yogurt.

    This year we are going to try buying one of those cute little thermos jars to send some hot food–although I cringe to think what the lunch box and backpack will look like should she choose not to eat all and not get the top back on tight.

    I chaperoned a field trip in the spring and was shocked at the lunch one little girl’s dad had packed for her. There was an apple, I think. I don’t remember a sandwich. What I do remember is a huge stash of snack-size desserts. I suspect that his motive was to be sure she had something she liked, but the cost to his pocketbook and her little body saddened me.

    I’m going to try the notes this year and maybe get Mom to spend a half an hour writing up some or drawing pictures that I can include. I think I will also pick up some small packs of party napkins. Thanks for the reminder of how much those little touches can mean.


  2. I confess I haven’t packed my kids’ lunches in YEARS and when I did it was at night! Now they have snack drawers with goodies filled with initialed items so no one eats too many of one item. They enjoy choosing their own lunches and it helps since I have two that have very different taste buds.

    I used to get up in the morning to help my teens get off to a good start, but when I did they inevitably fought with each other more and gripped and complained to me! So I decided to avoid the kitchen in the am and all is well! Though I love the idea of praying over their lunches! Guess I should do that at dinner, since dinners are filled with craziness most nights!

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