Family First ~ Create Quality Talk Time

In the midst of the busyness of life today we have to really plan ahead for our “Family First” time or else everything else will unintentionally take a priority.

You know what I mean, the dishes, the laundry, the never ending list of “errands” to run, and the list goes on, but if we are not careful we can go a whole day without really taking some time to put our “Family First“. Yes, all the laundry, dishes, and errands are FOR our family, but they are not time with our family.

I’m always on the go these days and spend quite a bit of time in my truck. Yes, I am one of those girls with the bluetooth headset’s on that look like I am talking to thin air, and I truly LOVE my headset, but I can also get to where I am always in “go” mode and neglect to really nurture, not just care for, my relationship with my kids.

One thing that I have been working on (key word there) is to not talk on my cell phone while I take the kids to school or pick them up. Notice I didn’t say that I try not to use my cell phone all the time my kids are in my truck, because that would be a whole lot harder (although it doesn’t mean that is not something that I wouldn’t strive for, just not right now).

When I take them to school in the morning I try to talk to them about their day, their plans, and fill them up with love and attention so that when they step out into their school environment they are filled up and ready to tackle the day.

When I pick them up from school it is time to talk about what happened at school, what they are struggling with, and anything else that they may want to talk about.

Hey, listen, it’s not an exact science, and at first your kids may not “want” to talk, and that’s ok, but to let them know that they are your first priority sets the tone for the future when they may be more willing to open up and talk. The important thing is that they see that you are trying to put the “Family First” and that you are ready when they are.

I have to tell you that some of my most rewarding conversations with my kids have happened in the truck on the way to school or after school, and even though it’s only fifteen minutes of drive time it does make a difference.

Hey listen, there are times when I absolutely “have to” take a phone call during that time, but the majority of time I just don’t because I want my boys (two teenagers) to know that it is “our” time. Sometimes it is the small steps that make the biggest impact.

Try it, and if you do, please let me know how it works for you…I think you will be surprised!

Come back next week for some more “Family First” tips! Have a great weekend!

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  1. The drive to and from school with my son is a very sacred time for me with him. Like you, I've been working on it. My state has made it a bit more simple for me, they just past an ordinance that there are penalties and fines for talking on a cell phone in a school zone. With school zones dotted all around the community, time between zones is very brief. (Though I have mapped out alternate courses for those lengthier conversations after drop off.) I really enjoy that precious time because once at home, we dont talk until the dinner table and that's if we're able to have dinner together instead of rushing off to another practice.

    Great tip for "Family First!"

  2. What a timely reminder! It can be so hard to get "unplugged" and focus on what is truly important. Thanks for this great post.

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