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A Double-Dog Dare!
By Sue Cramer

I stand in awe. Literally. Standing there in the banquet room above the coffee shop in our sleepy little town, my hands up worshipping God with 60 other women from all different walks of life.

As the song “How Great is Our God” sung by Hillsong played on the video screen I looked around to see all those beautiful faces. Women with stories that could fill novels, some of them scandalous, joining together to praise the Author of Life.

I wanted to cry. How could God take a worthless person such as I and appoint me the honor of seeing Him move through the workings of my life. And then I think, that IS who He IS. He takes the scorned, the down trodden, the nobodies and gives their life purpose and joy when they trust in Him.

I trust in Him. I believe Him for the impossible. I look at the life of a woman named Rahab, a prostitute, who God used for His glory…and I know that He can use a wretch like me also.

I’m a simple woman, with a Great God. I was obedient to step out and start Praise and Coffee Nights, having no idea the extent to which God would pour Himself out on them. Pushing against the fear of failure and whispers of the enemy, I made myself willing to be made a fool of, for the sake of the call.

That’s all He asks. Are we willing?

What has He called you to do? I challenge you…no, I double-dog dare you– to step out in faith and do it! I don’t care what others have said about you and neither does He…His opinion is the only one that matters. Magnify the Lord until He’s so big in your life that you comfortably rest in His shadow.

Praise and Coffee Nights started in a little farm town in Michigan and now are spreading across the country. Only God can do that! Thank you so much Melissa for sharing in this ministry with me, I can hardly wait to come hug your neck later this month!!

(from Melissa to Sue…you have no idea how truly blessed I am to be on this journey with you Sue…God is rocking the world with your simple step of obedience…good job my friend!)

The founder of Praise and Coffee Nights, Sue Cramer is a wife, mom, speaker, writer and coffee drinker that loves the Lord. She has a passion to help women connect with God and each other.

For more information about hosting a Praise & Coffee Night in your area click on the picture above and it will take you right to Sue’s website. Everything you need to know to get started is right there on the website. It is a fabulous opportunity to connect with the women in your community and truly make a difference!

From Melissa…Speaking of which…we’re having our Praise & Coffee Night in South Florida NEXT WEEK on Wednesday, October 28th from 7-9pm. I’d love for you to join us…Sue is flying in from Michigan and we’ve got women coming from all over the state of Florida to join us. We’ll be meeting at the Coffee Scene in Pembroke Pines, FL located at 15955 Pines Blvd (corner of Pines/Dykes).

Seeking JOY on the Journey,

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  1. Melissa, I can't wait, one week and I'll be there! Looking forward to meeting all your girlfriends!

    You have a wonderful ministry growing, God so obviously has His hand on you and all that you are doing.

    See you soon,

  2. Oh, hugs, Sue! Mel, first time I have dropped by and I have to say, love your colors here! ANYHOW, Sue, this one brought tears to my eyss. I see this ride God is taking you on and, well, it is beautiful. Thanks for such a great post, it brought tears to my eyes….Have fun in FL!

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