South Florida Praise & Coffee Night Review

Last Wednesday night we had our South Florida Praise & Coffee Night! If I tell you that it was awesome it just wouldn’t even begin to scrape the tip of how incredible the night was.

My dear friend, and bloggy buddy, Sue Cramer, founder of Praise And Coffee, flew down to speak at our event and also to visit for a few days. I have to just say that she is the REAL deal! She is exactly as she is online and her heart for women to connect to each other and to Him is evident in all she does.

We meet at a sweet little coffee house called “The Coffee Scene“! The owners, George & Launa, are so supportive to this ministry and make some of the BEST specialty coffee’s out there…and y’all know I am a HUGE Starbuck’s fan, so that is sayin’ a lot!

Sue & I took a few minutes to pose for some pics…we’ve been chatting and calling each other for two years but this was the VERY first time we were able to meet…God is so good!!! You should have seen us at the airport, we were jumping up and down while waving our arms frantically…like we won the lotto or something (it’s actually better I think!).

We were so totally blessed to have Sarah and Rebekah lead us in worship for the night. They lead us in five worship songs, which is always a beautiful experience. Seeing thirty women there raising their hands, bowing their heads, and singing their hearts out still brings tears to my eyes…it was so touching!

One of the best parts of the night was just connecting with other Christian women…laughing, crying, sharing, hugging, comforting, and just opening up our hearts to what He is doing in our lives. Sue brought a great message about how God can use anyone, that we are all His princesses, and even felt led to talk a bit about forgiveness. She met us right where we were and because of that we walked away changed!

There were no walls there that night…
no boundaries that held anyone back from connecting and growing with each other…
no need to fear about what others would think…
Just thirty women from five different churches getting together for a great night out!

If you are interested in hosting a Praise & Coffee Night in your area, then click here and Sue will send you some information. I’ve been hosting Praise & Coffee Nights for almost a year and a half and they have been such a blessing!

Seeking JOY on the Journey,

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  1. Oh Melissa how wonderful this must have been. As I continue to meet various women through blogging, FB and online studies it has been a huge source of encouragemnt to know there are like-minded women out there who are truly pursuing God. To meet one of the women we've connected with just had to be "icing on the cake!"

  2. I had the best time! Melissa and her girls are so precious, I just love them.
    Mel is also the real-deal, she has such a beautiful passion for women's ministry.
    I've met a lot of people in ministry and you don't come across women like Melissa often. She would lay it all down to help someone without anything in return.
    Thank you all for making it such a great trip! I will be back! 🙂
    Much love,

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