Wordless Wednesday ~ Study Habits

I don’t ever remember having THIS much homework when I was in 10th grade, but then again, I am not so sure the “pressure” was on me as much as it is for the kids today.

This is what a study night looks like for my oldest son Nick. (I’ll give him this though…he’s in all honors and AP classes and is doing very well…it just takes a whole lot of work.)

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  1. I am in awe, and a bit disconcerted, at all the homework kids have these days! They’ve been in school all day and then have to come home and do tons of work. It’s like we’re teaching them how to bring their work home instead of spending time with family once home. . . I know, it’s necessary, but still, are we creating workaholics with this? I’ve really been pondering it lately.

  2. M, I have often thought that VERY same thing…I wouldn’t want to be a teenager today, there is a ton of pressure on them from just about every angle.

    Trench Mommy, for real, right? I don’t even remember doing homework until I went to college.

    Jenny, yes, I am SO very proud of him!

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