Meet the Ya-Ya’s

These are my Ya-Ya’s…they know pretty much everything about me and love me anyway. It has been an incredible journey for each of us these last 5-10 years and I’m so thankful to have each of them in my life.

Over the years I always thought that everyone had to *like* me. As a people-pleaser it is so easy to get lost in the hype of being everything to everybody. As you might imagine it is exhausting and just not possible to make everyone happy.

I absolutely LOVE people and love caring for His people, it is a gift to be able to talk so freely to pretty much anyone I meet (yep, I can talk to the wall and have a great conversation…ha!).

But there also comes a time when I need to pull back, think, read, dream, and let my hair down a little, and when I do it is almost always with these girls.

I’ve been blessed by some incredible friendships over the years…some have lasted, some have not. The beauty of it is now that I am gaining wisdom (with my age…eek!) I am learning to appreciate those friendships that come with the “Reasons, Seasons, and Lifetimes“.

It’s a beautiful thing to be free to be who God has called you to be, to be loved, accepted, and appreciated as you are;

without makeup
without your hair all perty
without matching outfits
without a pedicure
without the fluff and stuff

Just who you are.
In Him.

Friend to Friend.

Being Real,
Being Transparent,
Being Authentic,
Speaking the truth in love.

If you have been blessed with some incredible friends take some time today to give them a call, send them a note, or take them out for coffee…these friendships are way too special to be taken for granted!

PS – I have some amazing friends who aren’t pictured here, but I wanted to take a minute TODAY to celebrate the Gift of GREAT Girlfriends!

It’s your turn…
* Who are some of your Ya-Ya’s?
* What are you going to do to show them how special they are to you?

Seeking JOY on the Journey,

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  1. Ahhh, girlfriends.
    I’ve had them.
    I’ve lost them.

    Right now in a season without any close ones. I have a few I can tell most anything to but still without that “I gotta call her right now and tell her. . . .” connection.

    It makes me sad but I know there must be a reason. So I wait . . .

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