Parenting isn’t for Wimps!

Holy Moly Batman!

There are some days when it feels like you need super human powers to make it all happen, right?

The kids, the husband, the chores, the cleaning, the never ending piles of laundry, the dust bunnies that have started their own “tribe”, the toilet that is NEVER clean (especially if you have teenage boys…that is a whole other story in and of itself, right?), the kitchen sink that is buried somewhere beneath the mound of dishes, and on, and on, and on…

Throw in the homework, special projects, Science fair, sports, band, youth group, friends, and well, then you turn into a taxi service.

I don’t seem to remember seeing all this “fine print” in the mommy handbook, do you?

Let’s face it, Parenting isn’t for Wimps, is it?

The craziest thing about having kids is that even with all the chaos that seems to come when the kids are born there is this amazing incredible LOVE for them that seems to wash away all the other stuff.

There are very few things that can bring you the greatest JOY than your kids.

They can also bring you to your KNEES faster than anyone or anything as well.

There seems to be this unbelievably unbreakable bond between you and there is nothing this side of heaven that could ever separate you from them but at the same time you know that at any moment in time it could all change in the blink of an eye. Always aware, always on guard.

I wonder if that is how God feels about us too?

I mean, let’s face it, we know ourselves better than anyone and if we were really honest we would have to say that there are times when we can even find ourselves a little bit too much, right? We have “stuff”, some of us have really BIG stuff, really PAINFUL stuff, really EMBARRASSING stuff, and really UGLY stuff, but as His children He loves us no matter what.

How amazing is that?

I can only imagine how great His love for us is. I try to compare it to the love I feel for my own kids and deep down know that it is so much bigger than that, but as a mom I also know that even though Parenting isn’t for Wimps that He has equipped you and I do be just that.

Whether you have kids now or sometime in the future, He has given you the ability to love, create, care, protect, and nurture like that, and that is an amazing gift.

These last few days have been some really tough days for me as a mom and we’ve been battling some health issues for my oldest son. He’s doing much better now and for that we are so grateful, but we also live each day aware that each day brings a new adventure for our journey, as well as fully embracing the gift we’ve been given in our kids.

If you are a mom/dad, take a minute to give your kids (even at almost 14 &16 they are still my babies) an extra hug, an extra compliment, and little more of your time. Parenting isn’t for Wimps, but nothing that is truly worth it is ever easy, is it?

Seeking JOY on the Journey,

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  1. Teens, ack, I am so right there, two boys, almost 14 and almost 16 (both March babies) and I have to say it gets harder as they get older…thankfully they are “good” boys, but even still the world that surrounds them isn’t always so “good”.

  2. Great post. I am not into the teen phase yet – son aged 9 daughter nearly 7, but the stuff we do for our kids…the worry…the energy.

    Our son is having big teeth issues, overcrowding, some extractions needed, some decay, fillings required – adult teeth, big ones in a small mouth.

    Trying to organise it all and the red tape I’ve encountered and the dramas of him freaking out at the local and not having them done and now requiring general due to infection and complication…I was like man, this is love isn’t it? Don’t feel all fluffy, actually tired and done in at times, but you keep loving and doing and sorting and holding on.

    Anyway it’s not that bad, I know you have big health concerns for your son and I pray that God’s protection is around him and you all, keeping you in peace!

  3. You posted this on the 16th, I’m a little behind, but that was my son’s 17th Birthday. I also have my daughter. Both Teens…

    They have tested us in the last couple years. I have had to tell them that as much as I want to be their friends, right now they need a parent.

    I always wonder at what stage am I at with God. The Teen or the Adult.

    I do look forward to having adult friendships with my children down the road. 🙂

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