Gray Eyebrow Hairs

Ok, I have to apologize because I have absolutely nothing “spiritual” or “uplifting” to share with you this morning.  
I am just a girl reaching new milestones in my journey of life.
I now have random miscellaneous GRAY hairs in my eyebrows!
How on earth did that happen?
(I told you that it wasn’t spiritual)
It actually started with one random gray eyebrow hair here or there a few years ago (yes, I know, I said years ago) but just today I noticed there were about four or five.
Ladies…come on, I’m only 38, isn’t that too young for gray eyebrow hairs?
As you can imagine I plucked those bad boys right out and now have my lovely youthful eyebrows back.
For now.
I think I may need to call someone for some counseling…this one really hurts!

I’m gonna have to work on that “aging gracefully” thing.

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  1. I have to say that your title to this post got my attention. I have to regularly pluck white eyebrow hairs and as you get older, the eyebrows get thinner. Another option is to use an eyebrow pencil applied with feather strokes so it looks natural. 🙂 Just come to me for any aging advice; lol.

    Blessings and love to you,

  2. Melissa, at least your hubby found some humor in it, mine was like…what’s the big deal…we’re getting older. OLDER, really?!?!?

    Debbie, I will be calling you my friend, I am sure of it…hahaha!

  3. Ah you’re just a young wee lassie Mel! Maybe it’s from having raised eyebrows when your son is learning to drive, giving you a fright (no, I know he’s great – just teasing!)

    Maybe hubby should treat you to an eyebrow tint.

    Love from NZ!

  4. Too funny! Just wait until you find a chin hair. I almost died when I found one. Where in the devil did THAT come from?! LOL


  5. Tooo funny!!! I am only 30 and my head has so many grey’s it isn’t funny… none in my eyebrows yet but I am sure they will be coming soon :0)

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