I forgot how to chat…

…I know, it sounds crazy, right?
In all seriousness I know how to talk, believe me on that (just ask my husband…nope, on second thought don’t do that, ha!), but in the “busyness” of life, ministry, motherhood, family I think I forgot that there needs to be time to just CHAT.
I want Mel’s World to be a place where you can come, relax, grow, be encouraged and hang out a bit but in my desire to share posts, devotions, links, etc. I lost track of taking the time to just sit and visit.
You know, the kind of “visiting” that happens when a friend stops by and you haven’t cleaned your house, fixed your hair or even changed out of your comfy clothes, but you pour a cup of coffee, sit down on the couch and just simply enjoy each others company.
Like friends,
Real Friends,
Who love you no matter what your hair looks like, what you are wearing or even if you have cleaned your house in the last month or so.
I want you to feel that when you come to visit Mel’s World, not because it’s me, because Mel’s World has never been about me but more about having a place to keep it real.
YES,I want to share great links, posts, devotions, events and all that other good stuff, but I also want you to have a place where you can go where you can be you and I can be me!
So now that I am learning how to “chat” all over again you can be sure that we will have lots of coffee and catching up to do….I hope you join me on the couch one day.  
Don’t worry about fixing your hair or cleaning up, chances are I won’t be either, so we can be a mess together.
…and if you are on twitter or Facebook, then give me a shout out, I’m @Mels_World on Twitter and Mel’s World with Melissa Mashburn on Facebook…see ya there!

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