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 I’m Your Girl
By: Susan Lawrence
 When have you sat at the edge of your seat in anticipation, knowing someone was about to extend an opportunity for you to get involved, share, or serve, and you wanted to be the first? It’s not that you necessarily wanted to beat everyone else to the opportunity; in fact, everyone else in the room seems to fade around you. You’re focused on the opportunity. You’re ready to dive in with all your clothes on or jump on the plane without packing.
And then there are times you know you’re supposed to respond, but you’re tired, frustrated, and stubborn. You want to fade into the crowd and leave unnoticed. After all, surely someone else would volunteer. Surely God wouldn’t ask you to do one more thing. Your schedule is already busy. You strategically plan your exit. Emotionally, you’ve already escaped.
It’s okay to say no, and you don’t have to feel guilty. When your no is in obedience with God, it’s the right answer. When your yes is in obedience with God, it’s the right answer. One answer covers every situation. I want my answer to always be I’m your girl!
I want to be like Jesus. Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did. (1 John 2:6) Jesus said yes to serving, providing, healing…and dying. And yet he said no, too. He chose one good thing over another good thing. He chose the better. He chose what would draw him closer to God. After feeding thousands of people, he could have continued to preach and heal and provide; yet he sent his disciples ahead of him, sent the people home, and retreated to the hills to pray (Matthew 14). Spending time with his disciples would have benefited them and yet Jesus knew the best choice, and he was obedient.
I want to be like Jesus. When Jesus calls my name, I want my immediate response to be I’m your girl! When he wants me to do something that makes me sit on the edge of my seat in anticipation, and when he prompts me to step out in an area that frightens or inconveniences me. When I’m excited about a new ministry, but God prompts me to step aside and let someone else lead, I want my immediate response to be I’m your girl! 

I’m your girl when you want me to say yes and when you want me to say no. I’m your girl when you lead me into situations that thrill me, and I’m your girl when you lead me into situations that intimidate me. I’m your girl regardless of whether or not I receive any recognition. I’m your girl even if others will judge me. I’m your girl if there’s risk. I’m your girl because I want to walk like you. I want to be near you. I want to know you better today than I knew you yesterday.

I have choices every day in every situation and every relationship. Choices to follow Jesus’ footsteps or make my own. God loves me enough to give me a choice; yet he chose me before I chose him. He knew I’d be his girl. He knew I’d sometimes struggle with what being his girl requires. He knew I’d choose easier paths at times. But he loves me and never sacrifices his perfect footsteps. He keeps his path determinedly, showing me where to go and who to be.
What thrills you about being God’s girl? What intimidates you? What annoys you? What motivates you? God can handle your honesty. It’s in our moments of vulnerable honesty that we are teachable. As God’s girls, we follow our teacher, Jesus. He disciples us. Discipleship isn’t a passive process. It requires a willingness to yield. How is God prompting you to yield today?
Listen to him. Then answer with a determined I’m your girl! And savor the sound of Jesus’ response as he smiles and says, Yes, you’re my girl!
Susan Lawrence is thrilled to have said “Yes!” to serve as the National Events Director for LeadHer (www.facebook.com/LeadHer) and co-host of LeadHer Radio on Blog Talk Radio. She’s the author of two Bible studies, Pure Purpose and Pure Emotion (June 2011). Check out Susan’s words of encouragement and send her a note at http://www.purepurposebook.wordpress.com./
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I love, love, love this post and am thoroughly enjoying watching God bring so many incredible women to the Godly Gals series. Susan, it is a joy to be on the LeadHer team with you, to link arm and arm with you in ministry, and quite simply just to get to know you. You are truly a wonderful new friend!
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