Chronic Faith Fatigue Syndrome?

All the time my brain is full of the many to-do lists I have. I’m always trying to check off as many of them as I can.  Ministry is an amazing adventure. Each weekend you have a chance to affect someone’s life for Christ, and when Sunday morning’s roll around they are the big day.  Everything you do during the week is in preparation for Sunday.
This Sunday in particular it was even busier than normal because our Kids Ministry was expanding—yet again.  This was the third move in a year. The growth had been incredible, and even though we were excited, there was this sense of busyness and worry that started to take over that morning.
Did we get everything ready?
Did we communicate it clearly?
Will the volunteers show up?
The litany of questions were swirling around in my head.  I knew we did as much as we could to get ready, and yet there is always room to improve.
I snuck into the back of the auditorium that morning to listen in on the sermon.  The Pastor was teaching out of Numbers 13 and was sharing the story of the twelve spies going over to the Promised Land to scope things out for Moses and the people.  You know the story…ten of the twelve spies came back and said there is no way they can take that land now, those people are giants.  Two (Joshua and Caleb) of the spies said that they could, but they were outnumbered and the people did not go to take the land.
Don’t you just want to jump right into that story and tell them they can take that land.  They are so close and yet they listen to the naysayers and turn around. finish reading about Chronic Faith Fatigue Syndrome head on over to Internet Cafe Devotions at the Ministry Counter.
I can’t wait to talk about this more with you…
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