Lessons I’m Learning At Back To School Time

I can hardly believe that picture in the middle was twelve-years-ago. 
How did that happen? 

I was sitting on the floor in my oldest boy’s 1st grade classroom, soaking up the cuddling they gave up so freely, and now today my oldest started college and my youngest is a Junior in high school.


It’s been a very melancholy and reflective day in my world…mostly because it is the first time since January (yes…January) that I’ve been able to just sit, soak, and ponder life a bit.

I’ve not always made the best decisions and I may not have been the most accomplished woman in the world…but you know what, being a mom, well–that’s just about the best and most accomplished thing I’ve done and I am so proud to be their mama.

Moms, you don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to have all the right answers. 

You will;
  • drop the ball, 
  • miss an appointment (Yikes, I just realized typing this that I need to call the orthodontist, I will do that next, lol), 
  • lose your cool, 
  • your mind and 
  • possibly your waist
  • but it is all so worth it.

As your babies (no matter how big or how small they are) step out in new adventures this season celebrate the gift of what God has allowed you to be a part of. It really is something special.

For me…I’m learning (slowly but surely) to be fully present and engaged in each step of this journey with my kids.

What are some things you’re learning along the back to school season with your kids?

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