Headed Out To #TGCW12 Conference, Woohoo!

I can hardly stand it. 

I didn’t sleep much last night. 

It’s sort of like going to Disney World for me…ok, maybe not like Disney World, but the excitement and anticipation has been building for weeks as I prepare to go to Orlando for The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference (or #TGCW12 if you wanna follow along on Twitter).

It has been quite some time since I’ve looked forward to something this much, and finding out that a few of my bloggy buddies will be there too…well, that is just the icing on top of the cupcake (which, by the way, is the BEST part of the cupcake…just sayin!)

Here’s a little bit about TGCW12;
Here Is Our God!

God’s Revelation of Himself in Scripture

The Gospel Coalition’s 2012 National Women’s Conference is for women but not all about women. It’s about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a time to learn more of what Scripture says to us—and to say it to each other. A time to dig deeper into the character of God and his purpose for his people. A time to gather together and share biblical encouragement  as sisters, daughters, wives, mothers, and friends.

I have even heard that some of the sessions will be streamed live, so if you wanna come check it out but can’t make it to Orlando, log in here and watch right along with us.

The boys are all staying home this weekend, I’m sure they have lots of manly stuff planned, which is fine by me, they need it and so do I. I will be tweeting from the conference (if you tweet follow along with me here, I’m @Mels_World) and sharing all the little nuggets of inspiration I pick up along the way.
If you wouldn’t mind saying a prayer for us as we travel I would certainly appreciate it. I’m headed up with two other awesome chicks that I’m blessed to do life & ministry with from my church (West Pines Community Church) and it looks like rain and thunderstorms all the way up from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando. 

Thanks so much for your prayers, we totally appreciate them!

Here’s a little snip-it from the conference website about the online streaming and who’s going to be there this weekend;

We’re also excited to announce that our friends at The Gospel Project will be helping us broadcast the conference live. Starting at noon EDT on Friday with Tim and Kathy Keller talking about “Marriage in Gospel Focus,” the broadcast will feature every event through Sunday noon on the conference main stage, including all plenary sessions; workshops by Elyse Fitzpatrick, Carolyn Mahaney, and Lauren Chandler; and Focus Gatherings on parenting, urban ministry, pastor’s wives, grief, and the church in Asia. In addition, we’ll be recording interviews with many of the speakers and guests to be broadcast during breaks in the conference livestream schedule.

So even if you can’t join us in Orlando, we hope you’ll tune in this weekend to share in this landmark event. We’re thrilled that love for God has motivated thousands of women to travel from around the world to spend their weekend focusing on the gospel of Jesus Christ so they can leave inspired and equipped to serve in their churches, families, and neighborhoods.

Check in at noon EDT on Friday to hear from Tim & Kathy Keller. 

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