When you hear the word loyalty what comes to your mind? Is it a puppy dog, is it your BEST friend, is it your husband/wife, is it your co-workers or boss?
Webster’s defines loyalty like this…
1.the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations.
2.faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause, etc.
3.an example or instance of faithfulness, adherence, or the like: a man with fierce loyalties.
In a world where so many people sell their soul for the “next big thing” what does it take to stand out, be different, and stay true? LOYALTY!!! In today’s society I believe that so many people are really just out there for “themselves”, but it doesn’t have to be that way. As a Mom, Wife, Friend, Daughter, God Chick, Ministry Leader, Pastor’s Wife, and Sister I am encouraged at how many people really are LOYAL. There are few things (besides honesty and integrity) that are as important to me…
Stand up for what is RIGHT, stand behind your spouse, Stay True to your friends, and remain LOYAL to what God has called you to do…you can do it…I know you can!

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  1. Something to strive for and attain. Loyalty seems to be a lost art in today’s society. Great reminder Mel!

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