Leadership Meeting at the Fire Pit

Last night I had the Preschool Ministry Leadership Team over to my house for a Hour Captain and Coaches Meeting. We met for about 2 1/2 hours (which seems like forever to a guy, but to us chicks it went by in a flash!) and discussed the expectations and goals of the Preschool Ministry at Flamingo Road Church.

We sat outside by the Fire Pit, roasted marshmellows, and made S’mores! I shared with the chicks the vision for the ministry and we each had a time where we shared a little bit about ourselves! (I love being able to do life with people who are passionate about serving God and serving people.) There was a terrific energy and in the years that I have been having these type of meetings this one was BY FAR the BEST!!!

Thanks to everyone (there were 15 of us around the fire) that took time out of their day to be a part of the night!!! God was so present and He blessed us with a WHITE HOT passion to change the world…One Preschool Family at a time!

In case you forgot…PRESCHOOL ROCKS!