Mashburn’s Go To Blue Man Group!!!

Last night the Mashburn Family went to the Bank Atlantic Center to watch the BLUE MAN GROUP!!!

Our youngest son, Bailey, is a drummer, so needless to say he was just thrilled!!! Nick loved it too…they had some really cool guitar solo’s.

Matt & I went to see Blue Man Group a year and a half ago in Chicago and the entire time we thought…”the kids would LOVE this”…so it was so cool to finally be able to take them and enjoy it as a family!

There are some things you will never forget about being a parent…and some of those are the times that you get to just go and “hang out” with your kids.

PS – One of the chicks on the Leadership Team mentioned that we are pretty “diverse” in our Family Night activities…one weekend it’s Monster Jam, then the next weekend its Blue Man Group…what’s next, Riverdance? 😉

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