Opening Day Win!

I am what you would call a BASEBALL mom!!! I love everything about watching my kids play (ok…not everything, like when they get hit by a pitch…that’s not a good day!). This past Saturday was Opening Day in our city for the baseball season and I have to tell you that they go all out for Opening Day!

There were bounce houses, rock climbing walls, the kids said the pledge to the American flag, there were penants and flags everywhere…it just looked like something special was going on. And it was…BASEBALL!!! Even Billy the Marlin was there from the Florida Marlins baseball team!

The kids were pumped and it showed…my son, Nick, had a great hit and has really started to come into his own out on the field. The above picture is of him getting ready to really connect with the ball (I love watching them play!). I wonder if that is what God does up there in heaven…does he just sit there and say, “Man…those are my kids and I just LOVE watching them play and have fun!“…I betcha he does! 😉

Now…if I can get someone to break open the peanuts I will be good to go…oh yeah…they won!

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  1. Melissa-As I was reading your blog, I became painfully aware that we, as a family of 4, don’t do enough as a family of 4. So many times, I stay back and let the 3 go on their way. Teach me how to join the 3, teach me how you get so involved in seemingly male-driven activities and events AND enjoy it…I’m serious!

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