Convicted to Cook…or is it convicted of cooking?

Alright…it’s confession time…I don’t generally like to cook!!! I know, I know, it is a BIG surprise…I am, afterall, a southern woman, and we southerners generally can cook….well, not me! Yeah, I CAN cook, but I don’t necessarily LIKE to cook…there is a big difference in that statement!

I am a firm believer in the “Let’s Order Out” philosophy…and I think it is because it just seems to be SO much easier to order, and eat dinner together at the table (we still eat together, I just don’t cook it), than it does to cook for 30 – 60 minutes.

Well…Wednesday morning I had a meeting with some really COOL chicks and we got on the topic of cooking and feeding your family, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I tried to convince them of the “Let’s order out” philosophy and they battled with me on the “You Make It to Show your Love” approach. Well…whatever they said worked, because I have cooked dinner for the last TWO nights. (TA DA!) Nothing major or super difficult…I work all day and get home after 5:30pm, so let’s not get crazy, but I cooked, and the kids noticed!!! It felt really good to be able to provide like that for the family, but I also have to tell you…there is something that can be said for throwing in the towel on hectic/crazy days and ordering out too!

What about you? Are you a let’s order out and enjoy the quality of our time together type of person, or are you of the I want to cook it, prepare it, and provide for my family type?

I think both have advantages, I am just curious as to what you do at your home. I have the timer on (like in cooking to see what cooks up with your answers) waiting for you…


  1. Mel,

    AWESOME! You see for “some” of us cooking is theraputic on some days I’ll should say.. I LOVE to cook BIG meals because I enjoy the end result, the gathering around making small talks and serving seconds. But as everything in life if it was another item to be checked off from our TO DO LIST then I would dread it.

    I am sure your little men loved it!


  2. I do whatever fits the moment. I LOVE to cook when I have the ingredients to be creative. But I’m open to it having to be a frozen pizza night, McDonald’s night, etc. We’re restricted mightily by finances, so eating out rarely happens. I figure the kids can’t appreciate much but pizza out there right now anyway, so it’s okay.

  3. I agree with you and also do both. At the end of a trying day at the office I have been known to opt for take out. But they are right there is something fulfilling about cooking a healthy meal for my husband and myself.I’ve been doing more of that lately and actually experimenting with new recipes to keep it fresh.

  4. Hey Ivy,

    I hope they did…either way, it felt really nice taking the time to cook for them. I don’t always have the time, or the right ingredients, but it has been something that has been on my mind lately.

    Thanks for stirring me on…

  5. Bebemiqui,

    I hear you on that one…we have had times when it is soup night, but God always provides. Pizza is always a great order out thing whether the kids are little or my kids age (pre-teen and teen). I think as long as we don’t leave out the FAMILY part of dinner time then its almost a wash.


  6. Sara,

    It is usually when I work “too late” that the “order out phenomenom” happens, but sometimes it is just been too hard of a day to cook as well. I love the feeling of cooking for the family, and I LOVE to cook when I am not rushed to finish.

    What are some of the newer receipes that you have tried?


  7. I think I’m a member of both clubs . When we’ve got lots to chose from ( as far as ingredients go), or I’m really organized and I’ve got meals planned – I like cooking. I also love it when my older 3 come home and ask me to make their favorites. (That’s when I realise I must be a good cook!!) And then, there’s the …’it’s jsut me and hubby’ nights. I love him..but the idea of cooking for two, after being used to 5 kids – well, cooking loses it’s appeal..and take out looks really good! Especially because we can eat at BETTER RESTUARANTS when there’s only two of us! So..there you go – confessions from my kitchen!

  8. Just me…

    I am still trying to wrap my head around cooking for 5 kids…wow…that is awesome! 😉 I would have to agree with you…it is way easier, and MORE options when it just the two of you. But…how cool is it when the kids come home and ASK you to cook for them. I admit…that is pretty awesome!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Mel,

    Since we are watching our diets and lately due to high cholesterol results, my husband, I am helping him watch that. So fish, love Tilapia and Salmon, also have easy recipes. Just picked up a Light Cooking magazine and tried Polenta Lasagna after service on Saturday night. Pretty easy and he loved it too – bonus!

  10. Sara…
    Help, Saturday night I TRIED (tried, being the BIG word here) to cook Salmon and Tuna…first time cooking either. I guess it came out ok, but would LOVE LOVE LOVE a quick and easy recipe if you have one.
    Let me know,

  11. I have the easiest Salmon recipe in the world! I bought a salmon seasoning at Costco, put a little melted butter or olive oil on each side of the fish, rub with the seasoning and broil about 6 minutes. My hubbie isn’t a huge fan of salmon but he does love this dish. I will have to look on the package and get you the name of the seasoning but if you shop at Costco you can’t miss it. haven’t tried tuna yet but I would like to find a good recipe. I find that broiling fish works best. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

  12. Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Salmon Seasoning, checked the package.

    Hope you had a great birthday!

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