Do you juggle?

Is it me, or can you really relate to this picture? It’s a little sad, I know, but I have SO been that chick on the beach, having family time, and working at the same time. Why is it that we try so hard to be everything to everyone?

This past week I spoke with two very “together” chicks who both shared with me that they are struggling with juggling all the plates they have in the air…mom, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, employee, boss, business owner, serving at church, starting a ministry, finding their purpose…(the list could go on forever) What struck me as interesting is by all intensive “wordly” standards these two chicks have it all…and yet on the inside they struggle, just like you and me, with balance.

I kind of feel like the pot calling the kettle black with the whole “balance” thing…but I can tell you this…I have had so many plates juggling in the past (and I still probably have too many), that it has taken away the JOY of life. It wasn’t until a tragedy struck (the death of a grandparent) did I let ALL the plates drop and just be where I was at that moment (which can be really hard…can’t it?). God showed me in that moment that HE was all that I needed and if I trusted in Him to help me prioritize my yolk would be lighter.

Each and every day I try to pick up more plates and start the juggling thing again…but I am learning to let a couple plates stay on the shelf and only pick up the plates God wants me to be a part of.

How about you…
What plates could you set down right now that would lighten your load?
How do you keep yourself in balance?

(I’d love to hear if you have some insights…I am SURE it would really help myself, and others)


  1. Came over from SuperMom…

    Today was my last day to be Director over the Elementary area of our church. I had been doing it for almost 2 years, then my husband came on staff as the Family Pastor. The church was ruling our house, conversations, dreams, etc. I really feel like letting this responsiblity go will open up times for me where I can help him as his wife, not one of his volunteers. It’s a huge burden lifter for me.

    Great blog, by the way!

  2. Thanks! 😉 As of April I used to be in the Preschool Ministry for 4 years, so I can totally relate to what your days must have looked like before today. Congrats, I think, on today being your last day…it was a good thing, right? It should ease some of the “stuff” that comes home with you both.

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