Frazzled Mom

Did you ever have a day when by the time you walked in the door you were like…WHOA…what happened to THIS day?

That was me yesterday…I completely overbooked my day and because of it I ran around like a mad woman ALL DAY long. I have never read the book, The Frazzled Female, but apparently…I need to.

Here’s a quick look at yesterday…tell me if you can relate.
7:00a get up, get kids up
8:15a try to walk out the door
8:30a really walk out, but completely frustrated
8:45a walk into office, need to make copies, but copy machine is warming up
9:00a walk into meeting
12:00p planned on meeting ending…but it didn’t…still going
1:10p walk out of meeting…son has a dr. appointment all the way across town
1:15p realize children have not eaten lunch…ACK! (Bad Mom!)
1:20p talk friend at work into taking one kid with her while I take the other to doctor
1:25p drive through BK (thoroughly disgusted at the thought of eating it…trying to eat healthy)
1:40p walk into pediatrician’s office (YEAH…on time!)
2:40p leave pediatrician head to Middle School to register the youngest son
3:00p walk in, turn in paperwork, visit with office ladies at new school
3:05p drive back to office to pick up younger child to take home
3:20p on my way back to office for a 3:30p meeting
3:30p back! (tada!)
5:00p leave meeting and head home…exhausted!
5:10p arrive home, kids waiting in drive way, please drive us to bridge so we can fish…
5:20p back home, again!, sit with dh (dear husband) and talk about day, check voice & snail mail
5:30p start cooking dinner
6:00p dinner ready…sit down as a family to eat (that’s good, right? AND…I cooked!!!)
6:45p clean up dinner, kitchen, and downstairs
7:00p go on walk with youngest son, dh was on the phone…work, of course…;)
7:50p get home, jump in pool with kids
8:15p Bone tired…take shower and clean up
8:45p Family Reading Time
9:30p tuck the kids in for bed (even at 11 and 13 they like it!!!)
9:40p check emails, update blog, start studying for a video we are doing on Small Groups
10:15p realize I am too tired to think about video and shut down computer
10:15p Gilmore Girls is on my tivo…oh yes, finally a break! 😉
11:45p Oops…stayed up too late trying to have “me” time after a crazy day!
11:50p the end…I am out!

Seriously…that is the entire day…event by event…pretty scary, isn’t it? And yet…I can honestly say that I am sure that most of you reading this can relate to my day and my story. Where did I go wrong? I had lots of goals, lots of plans, and a schedule…but I left absolutely NO room in my schedule for anything to go wrong, or for life to happen.

Richard Swensen has a great book called MARGIN….I think I should READ it again…don’t you?
What do you think? How many of you can relate to this day? How many of you had a day far more crazy than that?

Let me pray for us before I close…noticeI said US because I struggle with this just as much as you do…
Father God, I pray for your peace and your comfort for my self and my friends. Father we try to do too much in our daily lives…give us your direction, your path, and the ability to slow down enough to see what YOU would have us to do today. Thank you for loving us so much more than we even love ourselves…In Jesus Name, Amen.


  1. Mel, I am exhausted just reading about your crazy day. Take HIS yolke, its lighter…..
    Remember this , if you ONLY had one day to live, what is most important for you to really do?
    Love ya sister.

    P.S I love the new page!

  2. Your blog looks great, man! Wow! And your posts are great. Good girl–when are you writing your book??
    Big Love, ME

  3. Thanks Ivy…

    I am constantly being reminded that I am not SUPER WOMAN…I appreciate friends like you who have my back…

    You’re the best!

  4. Thanks HP…

    That is HIGH praise coming from you and I completely appreciate it. Still DREAMING and waiting for God to show me WHEN is the right time…it will happen when He wants it to.


  5. Great new look! And I can totally relate to your day. Thanks for being so naked.



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