Birthday Thoughts

Today is the day that I was born…it’s pretty sureal to blow out Birthday candles and think about how different my life is now that I am 36 years old. Funny thing about getting older…I don’t feel older in my head, but my body feels older every day.

I wanted to take a minute to share with you some brand new Birthday insights that came to me today…

1) God has blessed me with my BEST friend as my husband

2) My kids are beautiful (inside and out) and healthy and that is a gift.

3) I have the BEST friends, co-workers, and family in the world…well, they are to me! 🙂

4) Sometimes older is better, and sometimes older is just, well…older.

5) Gifts are my love language (funny how that worked out), but I really do enjoy GIVING gifts more than receiving them (don’t tell my husband that…I want him to think I still like GETTING them more).

6) Relationships are REALLY the only thing that is important in this world…our relationship with our Creator and our relationship with the people HE put in our life.

7) No matter how much I read my Bible I still learn something new and profound each and every time I read it.

8) God is my everything.

9) We are all put here on this earth for a reason…it is only when we find our calling that we truly feel fulfilled.

10) Every day you have an opportunity to make someone else’s day…start today by doing a random act of kindness…It changes YOUR whole day when you do!


  1. Happy Birthday Buddy!! You care so much about the world around you, you even took time to blog to us on your bday. Thanks!

  2. Happy Birthday to you …
    Happy Birthday to you …
    Happy Birthday Melissa …

    Aww man…did I mess it up … sorry – mind gone crazy 🙂

    J/K – Hope you had a great Birthday … best wishes!

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