Ready to be Remarkable!!!

Sorry I wasn’t able to post yesterday…Matt & I took the day to “date” and hang out with each other…it got off to a rocky start (had a little emotional spot from about 9:30am-10:00am), but we finished it well. We went to Borders had a yummy latte and hung out reading in some big comfy chairs (think Comfy Couch with Loonette and Molly). Then we went over to the Sawgrass Mills Mall (yeah!) for some shopping and lunch at LaSalsa (thanks Charlotte for tipping me off on that place). We even went a little nuts and went to a movie during the day…can you believe it?!?! It was a great day with my dear husband…so, I am very sorry that I missed a post to everyone!
Ok…now, let me share with you some un-stinkin-believable tidbit from this new book that I am reading…it’s called, “The Big Moo” The Group of 33, by Seth Goodin (He also wrote the book called, The Purple Cow). Right in the introduction there was a thunder bolt moment for me and I wanted you to experience it as well…

Who You Are Is What You Do
You are not a cog.

You are not an assistant or an administrator.
You’re not a gofer or a middle manager, either.
No, you’re creative. A valuable asset to your family and your community. A person who can make a difference to an organization.
You are capable of having an impact, leaving a legacy, creating things that are outstanding.
You are not ordinary.
In fact, you’re remarkable.
Now, hurry. Don’t let yourself (and the rest of us) down.

Is that amazing or what??? And the cool thing is that it is in the “introduction” of the book…the rest of it is pretty amazing too…I can’t wait to see what other nuggets of goodness are in there.

Remember…”Stop Trying to Be Perfect and Start Being Remarkable!”


  1. Hi: You are such such an inspiration, thank you for keeping your blog going,I love you and miss you very much. We are praying for you. Be happy you deserve it.
    Love ya!!
    Maria Juliana Ha!

  2. Jules,

    Thanks for your kind words…I miss you too, but I know our paths crossed for a reason and I am fairly sure we are not done yet! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Hey Melissa,

    Thank you ! You will always be the greatest inspiration to me.
    I am so ready to be REMARKABLE.
    You and your family are always in my prayers.


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