Spaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh Day!

Last year for my 35th Birthday my parents gave me a day at the SPA so that I could relax, rest, and get refreshed…well, through the busyness of ministry and not keeping track of time a whole year slipped away and I was dangerously close to loosing my Spa Day (due to its expiration). Well..a couple weeks ago I had the foresight (thanks God) to go ahead and plan a day at the spa for myself.

Little did I know how GREAT God’s timing would be…I went yesterday to Contour Day Spa (LOVE IT!) in Plantation, FL for a 3 hour pampering session…I had a European Facial (never had one before and all I can say is WOW!), a French Manicure, and a Spa Pedicure. THANKS MOM & DAD for a great day…I totally needed it after this week!

You know what the cool thing about it was (besides being pampered)…one of my sister chicks Janet met me there for a manicure and hung out with me during my pedicure. We were able to talk, giggle, and share Jesus with our Jewish pedicurist (is that a word?). God is so good…we were able to be real, be fun, and show this chick that we were “real” chicks just having fun and loving Jesus.

Last night we packed up the kids, the truck, and our suitcases for a weekend get-away to Orlando. It’s a long, holiday weekend, and we are really looking forward to watching the AU game (tonight…WAR EAGLE!), hanging with our kids, and resting in God’s hands.

Please pray for us as we try to pull off the busy highway of life and rest in the hammock of God’s love…

I will update you more on what God has already been revealing to me…I know I have touched on how He is showing me He is there for me, but He is also showing me verses, books, friends, and encouragement in more ways each and every day!


  1. I am so glad you are having time to relax and be pamper. Have a safe trip and please tell Matt we are here at home watching the game GO AUBURN..WAR EAGLE HEY!!!!
    Love ya! Juliana

  2. I am praying for you. But as I read your posts, I’m seeing areas where I need to pray for myself. Do you know how far-reaching your influence is? Surely you don’t, you are to humble to notice.

  3. The commnent “Do you know how far-reaching your influence is? Surely you don’t,you are to humble to notice” really nails it. I wish I was as eloquent to have been able to express my feelings so well.

  4. Friends,

    Your words continue to encourage me, brighten my day, and lift my spirits. We serve a MIGHTY GOD and I know that He is there for all of us.

    Thank you for your continued prayers and support…


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