Dream on….

Do you remember the DREAMS you had when you were little? You know, the ones you were NOT ashamed or embarrased to tell the whole world??????

The kind of DREAMS that inhabit the mind of a child…the kind where you have NO FEAR of failure, no doubt they will come true, and a confidence that YES I CAN do this!!! You know…the kind where your chest puffs out and you KNOW that you know that you know it WILL happen.

AAAAAAHHHHHHH…the sweetness of youth
….the joy of DREAMING
….the confidence that YES YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!

I have been thinking a lot lately (now that I have a little more time) about what happened to the DREAMS that I had when I was little…did I give up on them? did someone tell me that I couldn’t? did I not have enough faith to believe in them? is it just a part of getting older? what???

There is a little girl still here in my 36 year old body that is digging out the DREAMS of my youth…I am on an “excavation” and I know just where to find the DREAMS of my past. They have been buried in my heart, waiting, longing, sitting in expectation for me to come back to get them.

Do you know where your DREAMS are buried?

Start digging them out with me…together we can go on a hunt to find out why we gave up on our DREAMS…I can’t wait to go on this journey with you…let’s start unpacking the “stuff” that is piled up on our DREAMS and start preparing to…



  1. Dreams? They seem to diminish when the “Big” world starts influencing us. Telling us we’re not good enough to accomplish them. We start listening to others and begin to feel for the first time that we might be failures. Sad isn’t it? I wish everyone knew all they were created for – the potential that is in each of us… Good thoughts and questions Mel!

  2. Thanks Tam and Heather for your comments…I can’t wait to see where God leads us on this Dream discovery…

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