My Hope is in Him

In the midst of unpacking the stuff that has buried my DREAMS I have started to realize a few things…

1) I am NOT God, but I know Him
2) I can’t earn His love, He gives it freely
3) In the middle of my struggles, He is there…

Today in my quiet time I wrote this in my journal…I pray that God will use it to help you in the process of unpacking your DREAMS…(remember…it is not always easy to unpack the stuff…I pray you will continue to seek out the DREAMS God has for you)

Father, I’m struggling today –
I feel a little hopeless,
and yet I have hope.
I feel confused,
and yet you give me clarity.
I feel scared,
and yet you give me peace.
There is a great big unknown out there God,
and yet you are BIGGER and more amazing than anything I’ve ever known.

Father, you guide me when
I can’t see my way,
you carry me
when I can’t go any farther
you encourage me
when I feel down.

Father God, you are the way….
thank you for loving me through it all.

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  1. Hi Melissa,

    I am writing similiar thoughts in my journal these days…not quite as consice and eloquent…but along the same lines 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! I’m thinking of you.

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