I am reading this really great book called, “Yup.””Nope.””Maybe.” – A Woman’s Guide to getting more out of the Landguage of Men. I thought to myself…”I live in a house with three guys…I need help in figuring them out!” And that’s the truth…

So, I started reading it and it has Chapters called, “Yup.Nope.Maybe.”, “I’m Not Lost”, “In a Minute”…etc…here’s the kicker…it is written by TWO guys…they are both therapists and super involved in their churches…so I thought…”this could be a great start for me.”

Let me share with you this AWE-some section I read a couple of days ago…

Gratitude combines our recognition of having received more than we ever deserved, given freely without obligation, and our awareness of that gift. Gratitude, when fully realized, always leads to AWE. (bold mine)

Awe is the jaw-dropping moment when we run out of words, or when we throw back our heads and say “Wow!” or “Yes!’ When we are stunned by the beauty of it all and experience a profound sense of humility. When we are in the presence of something bigger than ourselves that is beautiful, powerful, and awesome. We are designed to be caught up into that which is bigger, all pervading, and supreme.

It sort of reminds me just how AWE-some our God is…there is a huge amount of humility when you stand in AWE of all He is and all that you are not. It doesn’t depress me, or make me feel little…on the contrary, it makes me feel strong and protected, guided and guarded, loved and special…that someone so AWE-some could love someone like me, someone like you…now that is AWE!


  1. Joylene…thanks for your kind words…that is so kind of you. Can’t wait to get over and check out your Blog.

    Ivy…Your friendship amazes me…my cup overflows.

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