We all need a little HOPE…don’t we?

The last three plus weeks have been a little rocky for me…things change, priorities change, and even people change…it really can reek havoc on your “normal”. I have had so many emotions, so many things going through my head, and yet so many amazing opportunities to see God in the midst of it all (it is humbling to see how HE is working through all of it!)

I have to have HOPE that tomorrow will be better, that future will be better, that there is a plan and a purpose for all of this…as a matter of fact, I KNOW there is.

Yesterday I was reading in one of my books about being HOPEful and I wanted to share with you some insights I walked away with about HOPE.
(The book is the Body By God book by Dr. Ben Lerner)

– With HOPE you are daring
– With HOPE you are a dreamer
– With HOPE you are courageous
– With HOPE you are different
– With HOPE it’s okay to fail
– If you have HOPE, you win!

I absolutely love the movie HOPE FLOATS with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr…here is a little tidbit I found out about the movie on their web site…

“It’s also about starting over again and what happens when the perfect picture you thought defined your life crumbles before your eyes. In the end, we learn that even the most emotionally-troubling events can help us find our destiny.”

WOW!!! Check it out…I think that it is in the midst of trials and tribulations that we can find HOPE…where we can find out who we are meant to be….where we can learn to fly! Get ready friends…God is preparing you to take off and F-L-Y!

(as we get closer to October/Breast Cancer Awareness Month I will start to talk about that in the next couple of posts)


  1. Hey Melissa! Can’t believe we keep missing each other! You blog today was great … and it’s interesting, but I just listened to one of Andy Stanley’s teachings that relates to this very topic. Check it out: First Line of Defense: Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Part 1; When You Can’t Find Your Way Back: Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Part 2. Website: http://www.northpoint.org/messages. Hope to chat with you soon!

  2. Hey Melissa, Hope Floats is one of my favs too! Thanks for reminding me that hope is the Father’s way of empowering me to be daring. You’re right, God is preparing me to take off!

  3. I love this post. This is what is really all about, having Hope. We have so many kind of hopes; the ones for our children, our spouse, and for us. Thank you. I really enjoyed it.

  4. Hi Mellisa

    This post was great. What are any of us without hope? I look forward to talking about Breast Cancer awareness month. I am a breast cancer survivor and the month of October is a very important one to me. Keep up the great work! You are awsome and a true inspiration to me.

    Kathy Herman

  5. I also look forward to hearing about breast cancer awareness month!

    and thanks for the reminder of HOPE don’t we ALL need it?

  6. Charlotte, Cheryl, Ivy, Kathy, and Joylene…

    Your comments just remind me how important it is to be a light and to show others HOPE in the midst of life. Thank you for your comments!


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