What is it about HOPE?


rejoice in our suffering,
sufering produces perserverance,
and character HOPE
Romans 5:3

Blown away…little did I know when I posted about HOPE that it would hit home for so many people…I had people email me, comment here, and even talk to me about it when I saw them around town today.
So, it’s really made me think….
what is it about HOPE that we are so desperate about…
that it is there?
that it is not there?
that it will cost us something?
Over the next couple of days I am going to dive deep…into the heart of HOPE…deep into the hidden parts of me, of you, and the people we do life with.

WARNING: Some of the posts may be “touchy” and even “intimate”…but I think through honest, open sharing, that we can all begin to see more HOPE.

There is something truly amazing about sharing our HOPE, our fears, and our success stories with others to help them build their HOPE tank.
So, right now, do me a favor, either:
1) post a comment and let others know where you get your HOPE and how you came out on the other side, or
2) post a prayer request and let the prayers of the other readers and myself help to restore some HOPE in your life.


  1. Hi Mel:
    What a wonderful thing you are doing, you are amazing.
    Well, lately I found out that I get my HOPE from my faith in God, my family and friends. For many years I thought that I could do things my own. I moved to this country when I was 16 and pretty much lost contact with most my friends that I grew up with. I felt I only had my mom, my sister and sometimes…my wonderful brother, that I could count on. When I married Joe he made me relized that I did not have to be alone, that I had him. He also showed me how important friends were. He has had wonderful friendships for the past 20-30 years. During this past year I have met this wonderful group of ladies that have changed and touched my heart in such a way. Every day I learned so much from all of them(you). One good thing for me is that God has always being present in my life.
    OK! to make this short, for me my hope comes in a form of a support team: GOD, FAMILY and TRUE FRIENDS.
    God never closes the doors completely. He might close one here and there, and it is realy hard when those doors close, but He always opens more. The HOPE is ALWAYS there, we just have to find it by praying and opening our hearts, I do that by opening my heart to my suppor team.
    Love you! Juliana

  2. Hey Melissa –
    This is great. Having hope motivates change and even movement. Keep challenging us move forward, dig deeper and grow. So glad I am on this journey with you.
    Lots of love – Jennifer
    PS – I want to say thank you for giving me hope the day you called my into your office several months back. My life changed that day and I will always be thankful and truly blessed to call you friend.

  3. This is awesome..
    I get my hope in serving my God and allowing my gifts to be used.
    HOPE is intimate……….

  4. Jules,

    You have grown so much (spiritually) in the last four months…it is so awesome to see how God has taken you on this journey!


  5. Jenn,

    You are so welcome…you had it in you…you just needed a little push and someone to be on the side line to CHEER YOU ON!

    You are on your way now chickie!


  6. Heidi,

    You are SO RIGHT…HOPE is intimate…because it cuts right down to the soul of who you are!

    Melissa 😉

  7. My hope comes from reading God’s word. Before having Christ in my heart, my hope came from people. Not anymore, I receive encouragement from friends and loved ones, but my hope is in God alone. Thanks for your encouragements.

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