Warrior Chicks – Chapter 1


Friday Coffee Chicks Book Group

Ok, so do you want to hear how awesome God is…I mean, we all know that He is the all powerful, almighty, everywhere at one time, knock your socks off, awesome God…right? Well, today was the very first meeting of the new Friday Coffee Chicks Book Group.

Can I just tell you that God was definitely there…it was amazing, and the coolest part of it is that He is still here right now with you and everyone else reading this. There were about 10 of us there this morning and I have emails from about another 15 people that I know of (countless others that I have no clue about) that are doing the book and checking in here online to be a part of the group!!! Whoa, it just rocks my world…how awesome He is!

If you have read your Chapter (#1 – Bellisima!) good for you…if you have not, or have not even picked up your book yet…don’t sweat it…pick it up and get in here with us. You can go online and pick it up directly from Holly Wagner herself…just click here.

Here are some of the notes from this mornings session…

– what battle are your fighting?

– Been at church for 13 years, I have two teenagers who don’t always want to come and a husband who is an unbeliever. She feels like she is in a battle to show them Christ.

– Don’t develop a “whatever it is” or “whatever will be” mentality…if it is important to you turn it around into a “WHATEVER IT TAKES” attitude! Fight for it!

– Pick your battles, especially if you are vested in it.

– list the lies you believe in your head…

– I am not a godly woman, I am not a good mom, I can’t possibly parent teenagers, I am not a good wife if my husband doesn’t know God, I will never be good enough, who am I to make a difference in this world for God?

– When we compare ourselves to other people we are only looking at a “perfect” snapshot of that persons life and we are expecting it to always be that way.

– No matter where we are in life we always tend to look around at other people’s lives and think they have it better.

Now, it’s your turn…what part of Chapter 1 spoke to you, what touched your heart, what encouraged you…if you look back at Page 198 you will see the questions that we discussed this morning…I would love for you to share some of your thoughts on those questions…

The comments are OPEN…come on in and join us in the discussion!


  1. list the lies you believe in your head…

    Since I have became a Christian…. My head, the enemy tells me that because of my past – I will never be a true or good enough Christian. I know the Bible said’s we are All forgiven and God never makes us feel guilty. However in this World… we tend to believe what everyone else thinks is “normal” and how “we” are suppose to be this Perfect Person especially if you are a Christian.

    When things in my world don’t go the way I had hoped for or planned …. my head(the enemy) starts to tell me that “You deserve to lose everything, Remember what you did, you are not worthy, God will never want someone like you to represent him, your marriage will never be like that couple over there, your kids will never be perfect like the kids down the street, I am not pretty enough, people will laugh at me, You can’t speak in front of people because you are just to dumb, just keep your mouth shut because when you talk you might offend someone or hurt someone, you are just praying wrong, …. the list of negatives go on and on.

    I try to think positive when this happens and try to refocus on what God’s word said’s but sometimes you feel like you are just not worthy.

    I know I can’t give up because that would let the enemy win. So I continue to run the race. To be the best person I can be. My focus is to try and be more like Jesus.

    There is something that I read in the book that I felt the need to write it down. I do not have the book now because I gave it to my sister (mine is on order).

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not FEAR the results of a hundred battles .
    If you know yourself But not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.
    If you know neither the enemy nor yourself you will succumb in every battle.”

    For so many years trying to be this person that was always jumping on the latest trend and fashion (I mean in clothes and technology etc), kids, bills, marriage, etc I lost who I was. I am working on knowing myself. I lost that when I joined the world. Now that I no longer feel that I am of this world…. I am trying to discover ME. Who I was or who am I – the person that God originally created me to be.

    I would have put that on your comments but I didn’t want to say my name…… Not because I care what people think of me but because of my insecurity – like my lack of correct grammar and the way I word things.

    Yes being Insecure – I am still working on that.

  2. Brave indeed…how awesome that in only ONE chapter of the book so much is being learned…Go God!

  3. Hello fellow WarriorChicks! Thanks for reading the book..but more importantly…thanks for staying on the journey to become the warrior we are designed to become! I love your honest answers to the questions asked…you chicks are awesome!!! I am honored to be a part of this adventure with you! xoxoxo…holly

  4. Holly,

    Humbled and in awe…thanks for being obedient in the call to write the book!

    We are grabbing our battle gear and getting ready to become Warriors!


  5. 1. What battle are you fighting?
    Being able to understand that I shouldn’t guide myself by others actions.
    2. How does it feel to be in this battle?
    I feel unmotivitated
    3. How can you stay committed to your battle?
    Continue to learn for myself and worry about me and continue to make it personal
    4. List the lies you hear in your head
    Wow… so this is what being a christian is about… people just talking about others and then going to say…. I’ll pray for you… Bless you…
    5. Is there someone you compare yourself to?
    Holly…. but in a good way.
    6. How can you be inspired by her instead of comparing yourself to her?
    I am inspired. She is amazing.
    7. Remember the cracked pot story?How can your past struggles and issues create a garden for others to enjoy.
    I think that a long the way, people in my past will see that I didn’t come from the most christian like childhood but that there is hope and there is always a light to change.

  6. I am still waiting for my Beth Moore book…but the good news is I have just finished this great book by Holly Wagner (just a bit behind aren’t I? LOL). Anyway, I loved this book. What’s my battle? God has highlighted fear to me, and it’s a process of walking through it, but he’s so with me and shining his light! Oh that and some self esteem issues…is what I say of any value, what do I have to give? Reading this book a lot fell into place!

  7. hiya – i just found this blog by searching for this image of warrior chicks… surprized me to then see karen above who just gave me the book today – bless her! so i ahvent started yet but will check back on your blog to read your thoughts etc… as well as posting my own!!! blessings, claire

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