Date Day with Dear Husband

Thursday’s are Date Day with My Dear Husband…

…over the last six weeks Matt & I have taken Thursday’s and turned them into “our day” together. It’s something that we have never done before, but since our calendar has been freed up for us we decided that we need to use this time to take care of our marriage.

We’ve been married 14 years and it is so easy to let your marriage take a back seat to ministry, to your job, to the kids, to just about everything…but now we are learning to slow down, take a break, and enjoy being friends.

Today we went out to lunch and then over to Muvico to watch the movie 3:10 to Yuma. That is not typically my “type” of movie, but…well, what can I say…it’s Matt’s, so we went. (smiling all the way, of course!)

It was a great movie, a great afternoon, and an awesome opportunity to hang with my best friend! I thank God for him every day!


  1. Aww, it’s wonderful to hear that there are people out there still in love after being married for a while…most people just don’t realize what they have.

  2. By going with him to his type of movie, you proved that you’re a wise woman! BTW, that’s how I’ve stayed married for almost 50 years!

  3. CallmeLacie…

    It’s scary to think what you said is true…but I know it is…thanks for your sweet comment!

    SmilingSal (Sally D)…
    Ha! Wise?!?!? Me, not sure about that…but completely willing to to take advice from someone who has been happily married for almost 50 years! Thanks!


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