I LOVE Give Aways!!!

I LOVE Give Aways and apparently so do a few of my friends because they are having giveaways too!
After leaving a comment on my giveaway from October 31st, make sure to go and check them out too! It is going to be a GREAT BIG NOVEMBER GIVE AWAY!!!

Monkey Giggles – Drawing November 4th!

Karen’s Ramblings – Drawing November 9th!

Mel’s World – Drawing November 12th!
Warrior Chicks Book, A Journal, A Pretty Pen, and a Spot of Tea/Coffee

Praise & Coffee – Drawing November 15th!

Take a minute to check out these super cool chicks and sign up for their fun giveaways!!

Hooray for Give Aways,


  1. Hello Mel.
    What a good idea to post all the giveaways!!!.
    Mel, It is very difficult to me to find the correct words in english to explain how pleasant this site is for me. I feel really well every time I come here.You are a great host.
    I send you a big big hug.

  2. Sue…we do…there IS a reason we have connected the way we have.

    Marcela…thank you for the hugs…they are sent right back at you from me! I am so glad you feel “welcome” here!


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