Today’s Everyday Blessing
By Max Lucado

They sinned against me, but I will wash away that sin.
Jeremiah 33:8

The next time you see or think of the one who broke your heart, look twice. As you look at his face, look also for His face-the face of the One who forgave you. Look into the eyes of the King who wept when you pleaded for mercy. Look into the face of the Father who gave you grace when no one else gave you a chance…And then, because God has forgiven you more than you’ll ever be called on to forgive in another, set your enemy-and yourself-free.

Friends, has God ever laid something on your heart, and pressed it every which way He can? I mean, seriously, I feel like God has taken up a GIANT billboard in which HE keeps telling me to forgive…It’s almost as if HE is saying, “the message, Melissa, is simple…forgive. Set them free and be free indeed for yourself.”

Today I had the blessing of a friend who just called it like it was…she is known for that, and actually…it is one of the things that I love about her the most. She calls it like it is, and you never have to guess where you are with her…I like that!!! I am a “what you see is what you get” kind of a girl, so I can appreciate that in someone else. Do you know what she said to me today…she gave me a message of hope that is based on forgiveness… (I love when God puts other people in our paths to be a voice for Him!)

I want to, I know I need to, but there is a part of me that is still holding on…I know that it is the enemy, and that he is trying to steal, kill, and destroy the great things that God has in store for me…

I know that I will be released from this and soon I will be able to offer my complete forgiveness…as for right now, I want to and I am working on it…and by God’s grace I know I will get there in His time…

In Progress…


  1. Yes Yes Yes Mel. Can you hear my agreement? This is so on the money. This issue comes up time and again, because we live in a world with people christian and non christian alike who hurt us (meaning to or not) and we hurt others, often without realising. It is a journey and yesterday I reached a place where I could have festered and percolated on something that someone said to me, and the way I perceived I was treated, but I felt God’s grace and his gentle word to move on – now that was a blessing indeed. We all have different love languages and I realised this person’s love language was different to mine and I was missing out on what they do offer if I did not accept them as they were, even if abrasive. Gave me peace and liberty and I was free and released. Be free to Mel.

  2. Enjoy this brief time of sorrow and grief. Because that is what we feel, when we are in the pit of HURT. Yes, I did say enjoy, because this kind of pain does not come by too often. Is a pain of growth and I am convinced that GOD allows us to go throw this pit, so he can refine us, and show us who we are in HIM. The enemy is having a field day, by take heart Jesus forgave at the cross those who were and had hurt him AND overcame it for us.
    Take your time……

    Mucho Love


  3. Hi Melissa: Yes, forgivenes is a process and sometimes can be a very slow process, but is OK. Take your time, pray and take care of YOU! You are not alone, you have a family and friends that love you very much. Jules

  4. Melissa,

    I have found that forgiveness is the way we heal ourselves. It’s God’s band aid so to speak. Holding on to hurt and anger only hurts us, it doesn’t affect the ones who caused us the pain. I know that you are on the right path and there are lots of people praying for you to let go of what is holding you back. Once you do that I look forward to watching you soar like an eagle and bask in the blessings that God has for you.


  5. Karen…
    Thank you so much for your kindness and your support. You are truly a warrior chick (you HAVE to get that book!).

    Thanks for being a friend who tells it like it is!

    No, I am NOT alone, thanks for being there!

    You are SO right…thanks for your confidence and your heart!


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